"I Feel Skitty!" and "ZigZag Zangoose!" Review Thread
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Thread: "I Feel Skitty!" and "ZigZag Zangoose!" Review Thread

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    Default "I Feel Skitty!" and "ZigZag Zangoose!" Review Thread

    Japanese Episode AG 46: "Skitty and Aromatherapy"
    American Episode 318: "I Feel Skitty!"

    Kids' WB!, 10:00am ET
    Haruka (May) is training for her next Pokemon Contest when she encounters an Eneko (Skitty)! But it seems that Musashi (Jessie) from Team Rocket wants to claim the pokemon for herself!! What will become of the little cat pokemon?

    And then, later in the day...

    Japanese Episode AG 47: "Zangoose and Seviper! Rival Confrontation!"
    American Episode 319: "Zigzag Zangoose"

    Kids' WB!, 11:30am ET
    A character from the past returns, and his pokemon seems to be the rival of Musashi's (Jessie's) Habunake (Seviper)! What will happen between the two rival pokemon!?

    By the way, One Piece continues on the Fox Box today at 9:30am ET. You must watch it.

    Post your thoughts about the episodes here. Please mark any spoilers for episodes not that have yet to air in America in spoiler tags.
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    I loved how Seviper attacked Meowth there, and Skitty was so cute!

    Sorry my opinion wasn't more substantial ^_^

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    "I Feel Skitty" was rather humorous, especially because of Team Rocket. I was glad to see that Skitty had Eneko's voice.

    The second episode wasn't as good. I haven't seen the episode where that kid first appeared, so I was rather amused to see the "Hi! I like shorts!" kid from RBY made an anime appearance and he really was obsessed with shorts.

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    Did anyone watch these episodes? Usally we get a better review turn out than this. Where did miss 10 out of 10 go??? ^^

    I Feel Skitty: This episode was good, but it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be. It opened really slow but then got better after TR crashed the party. They were hilarious throughout. I loved Meowth's reactions to Skitty, the motto, Jessie's obsession with Skitty, her battle with May, James wanting to catch the weepinbell, and more. I think the animation in this episode was really good. Eneko/Skitty is damn cute and one of my most favorite RS pokemon. I like how it was caught and how it sometimes lets itself out of its pokeball. I think the best shot in the episode was where May and Jessie were arguing and Skitty walked up and they did that huge split screen thing with Skitty in the middle. Brock's come-ons in this episode weren't very interesting, I think they could have done better with those, and Max draging him away got a little repetitive (beware, he has become the new Misty from this point on! ^^) It also had more boss fantasies -_-. I think they are starting to get old. One thing that makes no sense is that they kept eneko's japanese voice. I'm not saying that keeping the japanese pokemon voices is bad, it's just why did they start with eneko?? I think this is the first RS pokemon to keep it's japanese voice completly (Seviper also has it's japanese noises, but it's dubbed too) and that's good, but why not let pokemon like Beautifly and Pelliper keep their voices instead??
    overall: 3 stars

    Zig Zag Zangoose: I was very surprised to find that I liked this episode a lot. A LOT! The first time I saw it in raw japanese I don't remember enjoying it so much. The short pants kid wasn't as annoying this time around and actully had some good lines. His battles with Ash were good, and I liked the way Ash helped him train to battle Seviper, it was...amusing. And Skitty's scene was hilarious. Skitty is so cute it's presence alone livens up any scene!! I liked how Jessie really got into battling with Seviper and actully seemed to do well. But since she's the "bad guy" she can't win :(. I wanted Seviper to win, it's cooler than Zangoose. But the best part was how Ash-tachi ended up chasing James and Meowth around and they had to do everything without Jessie, like say the motto ^_^.
    overall: 5 stars
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketshipper
    I'm not saying that keeping the japanese pokemon voices is bad, it's just why did they start with eneko?? I think this is the first RS pokemon to keep it's japanese voice completly (Seviper also has it's japanese noises, but it's dubbed too) and that's good, but why not let pokemon like Beautifly and Pelliper keep their voices instead??
    If you count the movie then several RS Pokemon have kept Japanese voices, but you are right, it is rather random what they choose to dub and not dub. Maybe they were so amazed by the cuteness of Eneko's voice that they couldn't bear to change it?

    I liked how Jessie really got into battling with Seviper and actully seemed to do well. But since she's the "bad guy" she can't win :(. I wanted Seviper to win, it's cooler than Zangoose.
    I agree about liking Seviper more than Zangoose (though Zangeese are cool, the dub voice is AWFUL, it's much worse than even Absol). The thing is Jessie could have won if she were only a better trainer and put more effort into it. Her commands typically consist of a single attack name, or simply a general 'attack it" line. Because of this Seviper seems to do as well, or even better, when battling without Jessie's help. You never hear her use the "dodge it" line that seems so helpful for most Pokemon ^_^ and she almost never uses any strategy. Though her attempt to order Seviper to hit Zangoose with a scorpion-like strike of the tail while using a Bite attack at the same time would have worked great if it had hit.

    Anyway, I otherwise mostly echo earlier statements. I personally found the Skitty episode to be more entertaining and way funnier, partly because several aspects of the Zangoose episode irked me. But some fave parts of both include:

    *May ecstatically nearly falling over and proclaiming Skitty is so cute, SHE MUST battle and capture it!*

    *Skitty's overall apparently extreme naivity to whatever is happening around it, caring only about having fun, trusting everyone and such, which somehow is a lot more endearing than it EVER was with Togepi, perhaps because it really does remind me of how many real kittens act when young*

    *Seviper and Pikachu becoming intoxicated and dancing when breathing in the fumes of the combiend aromas, stinky to people but wonder-inducing for Pokemon*

    *Ash playing with Skitty*

    *Brock tackling James*

    *Meowth's fake boss fantasy, rapidly made up to try to get Jessie to not keep Skitty*

    *Jessie's various overreactions regarding Skitty*

    *James and his love for Weepinbell*

    *May slowly realizing over the two episodes that her Skitty has a serious obediance problem, reacting with complete dumbfoundedness whenever it leaves the Poke Ball on its own*

    *James begging for Seviper's forgiveness, Meowth getting smacked with the tail and Seviper otherwise displaying that it only has any respect for Jessie*

    *Ash falling on James and Meowth*
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    Originally posted by Rocketshipper
    Where did miss 10 out of 10 go??? ^^

    Don't worry, Rocketshipper. I'm here!

    And by the way, I would've posted my reviews of these two episodes sooner, but I was really busy with school this week and everything......

    Anyway, here's my reviews:

    "I Feel Skitty" - I thought this episode was pretty good. And I loved how May wanted to catch Skitty right away, cause it was so cute. I felt sorry for the Skitty though, because it was hurt. Of course, it was really cool how those fragrances actually healed it. I loved that! And I also loved all the parts when it was playing! It's so cute! And my favorite part in the episode was when Ash was playing with Skitty. That was so cute! And it was cool how May battled Skitty inside the laboratory. Oh, and the part when Meowth fell in love with Skitty was really funny. LOL. Anyway, I loved how Skitty just jumped into May's Pokeball like that. That was hilarious! And it kinda reminded me of how Misty caught Psyduck. LOL. Oh, and another funny part was at the end, when Skitty let itself out of its Pokeball, which reminded me of Psyduck again. XD And overall, this was a great episode, and it was really funny too!

    Rating: 9 out of 10

    "Zig Zag Zangoose" - This was a really good episode! And I liked that Nicolai (sp) came back. That was cool! And I loved his battle with Ash, although they didn't finish it at first. It was so cool how Nicolai (sp?) had Marshtomp! I figured his Mudkip probably would've evolved by now. Oh, and I thought it was really funny how Seviper and Zangoose had to keep fighting each other like that. And my favorite part of this episode was when Ash helped train Nicolai, so he would know how to beat Seviper. That was really cool! And it was funny too, cause they both did the "Pokemon change" thing. LOL. Oh, and I also liked how James and Meowth tried to steal Pikachu from Ash, even though Jessie wouldn't leave her battle. That was funny. And it was really funny when James and Meowth did the motto together! LOL. XD Oh, and another one of my favorite parts was when James' Cacnea used Sandstorm, and Ash went up in the air and fell on Meowth. That was kinda funny too! And that part when the cage with Pikachu fell between Seviper and Zangoose and everyone went after it was really funny! And it was even funnier how they all had to chase Wobbuffet around like that! LOL. The last funny part was when Jessie yelled and told everyone to stop, and then Ash got Pikachu back. I loved that part! Of course, I also loved the battle. And it was really good, cause both Jessie and Nicolai (sp?) tried the best to win it, but Nicolai won in the end thanks to Zangoose's Crush Claw attack. I was glad that Jessie was proud of Seviper even though it didn't win. Anyway, I also liked how Ash and Nicolai (sp?) got to finish their battle at the end (although, they didn't show it all). That was cool! And overall, this was a really good episode!

    Rating: 10 out of 10


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