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    Default "Flower Power" Review Thread

    Ash and gang run into a girl named Bailey and her Bellossom.

    Not a bad filler, I actually liked it. The Bellossom and whole exhibition plot of this episode was amusing to watch, the battle-dancing was an interesting quirk of there's. I liked how Pikachu utilized it against TR and I'm always happy to see Heracross get more screen time, don't understand why Ash didn't just have Heracross fly to the balloon or use Charizard's ability of flight instead of having Heracross catapult Pikachu but I just went with it. Team Rocket's subplot was actually entertaining, cashing in on a talking Meowth. The puns and jokes they had weren't funny but they were....I dunno.....they had a certain zing about them that made them work in a lot of areas. Like the joke about Butterfree and weight. Victreebel is revealed to know Swords Dance this episode, what a crappy Swords Dance though. Thus Ash and gang help a COTD solve her problems and move on with their journey. I know the plot is kinda generic but the episode was actually fun to watch. Reminds me of Marcactus Musical except this episode wasn't nearly as ungodly a cession to watch, yeah yeah Brock and Misty did nothing but I watch them for their entertainment value and not their contributions to the plot so they were still their fun selves.

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    This was a mediocre filler episode if I recall correctly.


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