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Thread: "A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!" Review Thread

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    Default Re: "A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!" Review Thread

    It's been a few days since I watched the episode, so I've likely forgotten a few details, but here goes anyway.

    Pretty boring episode, even Bianca's appearance and Cilan's large role wasn't enough to save the day. The delay may have raised my expectations a degree. They did a good job with the dubbing and editing to avoid any reference to Castelia City and the true position this episode is placed, aside from the obvious first scan of James' Yamask. I'm a little worried this could mean the Team Plasma episodes will never get to air, though. I pray Sunglasses Krokorok doesn't evolve by the time they decide to show them, unless they just stick to the original script, of course.

    So, Bianca knocking someone into the water upon meeting the gang is going to be another running gag. At least it wasn't Ash AND Cilan falling in this time with Iris jumping out of the way. How about next time she knocks all three characters in? I certainly wouldn't mind that.

    Maybe I've seen the old "Team Rocket set up a fake competition to steal Pokemon" plot too many times to be entertained by this episode, especially without TR's old personalities and humour to give energy to their scenes. It's times like these when I really miss Wobbuffet.

    Pansage and Basculin's battle went on too long, but you gotta love Cilan. He was delightful at explaining the art of fishing to the eager Ash and Bianca. Sure, he was smug about his abilities, but he can back-up his claims with pure skill, and he remained polite and helpful. Such a nice contrast to Iris, the ever-persistent Buzz Killington. Look, Iris - if you have no interest in heeding Cilan's advice and consider it all beneath you, kindly go away (far, far away) and keep your irritating and unnecessary comments in your head. When is someone going to tell her to shut up? She was later wrong to ignore him and got in trouble, but I doubt she'll learn anything.

    I had to groan when Ash asked if he could use the prize fishing rod for the competition, because I knew what Iris was going to say next. Oh, Ash - why must you keep giving her ammunition to use her catchphrase? What the heck has happened to you? I'm just so relieved I bought the White version.

    And finally, the female Frillish... er, no comment.
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