"Ash and gang run into a rookie trainer with a Chikorita named Casey, she has an affinity for yellow Pokemon due to being a huge fan of a baseball team named "The Electabuzz." When Ash puts down her team the rookie challenges Ash to a battle!

I liked this episode, it's only natural Chikorita get an episode since it didn't get as much any focus in the last episode like Cyndaquil and Totodile did. Casey managed to be entertaining enough for a debut episode and she reminded me of a female Ash pretty much with her own distinct personality traits and actions that set her apart from Ash. The baseball-laced dialogue throughout the episode was something I actually found amusing, I guess that goes more to 4Kids than the episode itself. The constant references to baseball just remind me how few sport references and actual events actually happen in Pokemon these days.

I did feel bad for Casey when her whole team got creamed by Charizard, it was a complete shutout for and that's gotta be rough considering she only recently became a trainer. Also, what was up with her captures being a Rattata and Pidgey? I know Johto does a lot of piggybacking off of Kanto in-game, Pokemon Adventures and in the anime but wouldn't it make sense for a Johto citizen to capture a Sentret or Hoothoot for beginning Pokemon? Just seems weird. I also noticed how there was an "S" and "N" on the scoreboard for "Satoshi" and "Nanako" guess 4Kids was lazy that day or something.

It was nice to Ash acting like a veteran and Casey the rookie. I feel obligated to comment on this since this still happens today. "OH NOOOEEZ! PIKACHU STRUGGLING AGAINST A NEW CHIKORITA! DIDN'T HE JUST BEAT A DRAGONITE A COUPLE EPISODES AGO!?" Pikachu is the mascot of the franchise thus will be on Ash's side forever, while it might be bad writing for Pikachu to lose to "weak" Pokemon it's equally if not worse for Pikachu to kill everything in sight. Battles aren't fun without struggle, it wouldn't be fun to transfer over super high level Pokemon from FireRed to HeartGold and then skewer all the Johto Gym Leaders. There would be no challenge in it.

The team up between Ash's Pokemon and Casey's was a nice way of beating Team Rocket as well as the double Tackle. Casey's love of yellow, striped Pokemon was pretty sweet. If only because I think it's a nice little quirk and like Electric-types which a lot of are yellow. Casey's little comments about perhaps battling Ash at the Johto League was nice and I never realized they made that promise.