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Thread: "Come What May!" and "Cheer Pressure!" Review Thread

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    Come What May: This episode rocks. All the contest related episodes so far have proven to be some of the best in the AG series. The animation looked really good, especially all of Medicham's very "flexible" movements. Grace and Drew's battle was awesome, that ice punch stratigy is one of the coolest in the history of the show, very inventive. May and Grace's battle was also very cool, with both of them pulling of some nice moves. May has come a long way from the sucky battler she was in AG 5. Jessie was also hilarious with her outfit and how she forced James and Meowth to fly her around on that wire. The only things I didn't like were that, since they shoved three full battles into the episode, they didn't have enough time to make them all truly epic. The Roselia/Medicham and Beautifly/Dustox battles could have been a little longer. And I also wish Jessie could have done well without cheating, I hate how they always have TR cheat or something, just because they are the bad guys.

    overall: 4 stars

    Cheer Pressure: The plot of this episode was rather pointless and repetitive, since they already did something similar in the Pelliper episode, but I think it had enough amusing things to keep my attention. TR stole the show, like usual. It was really cool to see Cacnea battle and win, even if it did need a little help. At least Cacnea didn't need to be revived ten zillion times like Seviper did. Brock's come-ons in this episode were also very amusing, and Team Rocket's motto was one of my favorites from the entire AG series, although it was MUCH funnier in the japanese version, in which James started to get increasingly more irritated each time Jessie up-staged him. One small commentary, I'm sure now some people are going to start start using James' comments about cheerleading as more "evidence" for him being gay -_-.

    overall: 2 stars
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geodude
    I'm finally able to catch up with the dubbed episodes...

    May: "I suppose this rose is for Beautifly, right?"
    Drew: *flicks hair* "Yeah...something like that."

    One of the best ContestShippy quotes yet. And I loved when May said to Beautifly...

    "I love you. You're just the best."

    That was so cute.
    But I thought May hated Pokemon.

    Hah! Contestshippy fluff. Gotta love that crazy Shuu and his sneaky ways of showing affection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack Gabbiani
    Grace's Medicham has to be sharked in. Confusion does NOT freeze attacks in midair!
    Ah, but anime Confusion has been able to manipulate energy and matter ever since it was first shown in Ash's battles against Sabrina. That's how it works in the anime, though it has other ways it can be used. Usually it just invovles the Pokemon using psychic energy to throw the opponent or their attack about. It can also be used as a blast of energy (as seen once with Noctowl and Psyduck). In this episode it was shown the user can also use the attack on itself in order to fly/float in midair.
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    Grace's Medicham has to be sharked in. Confusion does NOT freeze attacks in midair!
    I beleive that the game itself refers to Confusion as "A Weak Telekenetic Attack" while Psychic is "A strong Telekenetic Attack".

    In which case, Confusion and Psychic could both concievably stop attacks in mid-air - since they're not really blasts of energy as some may have been led to believe. Really, game-wise, they seem to just be tossing things around in the air with mental power. The chief difference seems to be that Psychic can lift more and fling things harder.

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