Cartoon Network Season 2 Review Thread--Week Two

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Thread: Cartoon Network Season 2 Review Thread--Week Two

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    Default Cartoon Network Season 2 Review Thread--Week Two

    This wasn't such a popular thread last week, but I'm going to try this again, if only to alert people to the fact that Cartoon Network is showing new-to-the-network episodes of Pokémon. If nobody replies, then I won't make a thread for the third week.

    Anwyay, this week on Cartoon Network, we get to see the actual Orange League take place, as well as some shifts in the group's lineup of pokemon. No fillers this time around!

    The episodes premiere Monday through Thursday at 8:00pm ET. This week's episodes are:

    Monday, June 21st - "The Stun Spore Detour"
    Tuesday, June 22nd - "Hello Pumello"
    Wednesday, June 23rd - "Enter the Dragonite"
    Thursday, June 24th - "Viva Las Lapras"

    These episodes haven't aired on American TV in a long while, so for a lot of people on these boards, these episodes might as well be new. Give your thoughts on these episodes in this thread, and try to keep the dub bashing to a minimum.
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    Wow, the Orange Island episodes ^^ Quite possibly my favorite season. And with the airing of my fav episode from that season (also holds the title of being my fav episode ever), I do a little review...thingy....of "The Stun Spore Detour."

    Along with being an Ashaholic, and a Pokéshipper, I'm a big fan of Misty. Comes with the territory, perhaps :P Might also have something to do with my love of Water Pokémon. Anyway, I'm getting off-track. As a Misty fan, I greatly enjoy this episode for the simple reason(s) that:
    There's a whole lotta Misty, and it's a side of her we rarely ever see. Or saw. Or something xX; But regardless, it's her caring for her friends and, in a way, Team Rocket. A slim way, but a way nontheless.

    Sympathy for that poor Vileplume is somewhere in here, too :P Not only did it get Ash and Tracey stuck down it's spout, but Jessie too. Not a good day for the Vileplume xD (This is, of course, assuming it was the same one).

    For a more...oh, I guess, asthetic side (I think that'd be the right word) there's a lot of good screens potentials in this ep, at least for me. I have no clue why, and perhaps never will, but I love seeing favorite characters of mine hurt or sick. So I liked the various shots of Ash and Tracey laying on the floor, or (my fav) sitting up after the tea was boiled. I'm a big people's-expressions person, and there were a lot of good ones rampant throughout this ep, especially from Ash-tachi. And just a random thought, the scene of Jessie running through the flowers was just too hillarious xD

    In sort of a wind up-overall -liking comment, I adore the more serious episodes, like this one and some of the older ones such as "Bye Bye Butterfree" and "Pikachu's Goodbye." They offer a break from the usual humorous and sometimes fast-paced feel from Pokémon, and depending on the episodes surrounding such serious jaunts, it can be a welcome break at that. Even though it did have one funny moment I'll always remember...
    James in a dress with a southern accent. Need I say more? XD

    ...Dunno how much of a review that was ^^; If I had been able to get it on tape, I'd watch it again and give one that isn't just me rambling. *sighs* Ah well, maybe next time it comes around...*glares at her non-working VCR*


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