Cartoon Network Season 2 Review Thread--Week One
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Thread: Cartoon Network Season 2 Review Thread--Week One

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    Default Cartoon Network Season 2 Review Thread--Week One

    I know this is two days late, but it's always better late than never.

    Starting this week, Cartoon Network will be airing new-to-the-network episodes of Pokémon. The network will finish out the Orange League and begin the long journey through Johto, and it is assumed that we'll get a full 52 episodes (which *should* bring us to the end of "Johto Journeys").

    The episodes premiere Monday through Thursday at 8:00pm ET. This week's episodes are:

    Monday, June 14th - "The Pokémon Water War"
    Tuesday, June 15th - "Pokémon Food Fight"
    Wednesday, June 16th - "Pokémon Double Trouble"
    Thursday, June 17th - "The Wacky Watcher"

    These episodes haven't aired on American TV in a long while, so for a lot of people on these boards, these episodes might as well be new. Discuss the episodes here as we all go back to a simpler time, a time before endless Johto fillers and continuity-threatening plot holes ran amuck.
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    Heh, I recieved the third Orange Island DVD in the post yesterday, so I can use this thread to discuss said episodes. The Orange Island ones at least. ^_^o

    Pokemon Water War~

    Meh, pretty boring, if truth be told. At least we got to see all of Kenji's Pokemon though. :P

    Pokemon Food Fight~

    Loved it. Kenji getting mad because Snorlax ate the apple was priceless, as was Ash in the apple costume. Not only that, but we got to see 'tough' Misty again, when she picked up all those logs with ease.

    Pokemon Double Trouble~

    Orangeshippyness! Kenji telling Ash that he and Misty 'could have enough vacation for the three of us'. Not only that, but Misty didn't seem THAT bothered by said comment. Ash did though- not in an annoyed sense, he just looked kinda bumbed out, which Misty looked kinda suprised at. (Sadly, she didn't take up Kenji's offer, but I'm certain that later... yes, later. ^_^o

    Anyway, I was disgusted by Jessie's treatment of Arbok and Lickitung in this episode, and this is coming from a Team Rocket fan. Whipping them to power the Rhydon Robot? -_-

    The Wacky Watcher~

    "I told you not to mention those." XD Quackenpoker was hilarious, simple as that. A good Kenji episode too.
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