Yeah, I love little things like that that show how intelligent Pokemon can be. Snivy's idea about using Tepig as a jetpack from a few episodes ago comes to mind as well. I really don't understand how people can call episodes in which things like that happen bland or boring.

Catching up on episodes, and my thoughts on this one:

-Why were people saying Leavanny had no personality? It was clearly shown to be both generous and intelligent. What's that if it's not a personality?
-Axew's "superhero" clothes were awesome. I loved Snivy's and Emolga's reactions to the clothes too.
-Liked the sound effect for Leavanny laying out its string, it was like tape being unrolled.
-Got a chuckle out of Cilan hurting himself twice immediately after Iris' warning to be careful.
-Same reaction to Iris' visualization of Cilan's plan.
-Those evil, evil, Durant with their Protect spam. Wild Pokemon that do that in the games are as annoying as anything.
-Scraggy was great throughout this. Love the friendship it has with Axew and how caring it is in general.
-Speaking of Axew, I love how it slept through the whole thing. It's certainly a deeper sleeper than I am.
-Don't understand the above complaints about the overkill battling, what with the scene at the end showing the Durant having no lasting ill effects and being content to still have their food.