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Thread: BW 003 "Mijumaru! Meguroko! Close Call!!" Review Thread

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    Yeah, that's an accurate translation.

    I don't think there were any fansubs out at the time that other nonsensical "translation" was posted either, so I have no idea where anyone would get that from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UpbeatFerno View Post
    am I the only one that noticed that Team Rocket picked up Meguroko with a freakin Crane magnet?
    Yes, that is one of those (rare) things that really bothers me about Pokemon. I can let some crap slide because I don't care too much one way or another but seeing Meguroko being lifted in the air with the crane magnet was just a little much to bear. If only because it made seem like the writer forgot what types Meguroko are. I mean there's another Pokemon that would make a lot of sense, Doryuuzu since it is part steel, but Meguroko just bothered the hell out of me for whatever reason.

    The only things I can think of are (ignoring that the writer was having a dumb person moment):

    1. Team Rocket implanted some metallic object or did whatever to Meguroko to make it happen.

    2. It wasn't really a true magnet that attracts metal but possibly other things as well.

    3. It being part ground might also be affected by the magnet as its body might be metallic in nature only it isn't a primary or secondary typing, sort of like the crystal onix, which Tracy I believe (or whoever) said that the onix's body adapted to its surroundings and became crystal, so maybe something like that.

    But yeah every time I see Meguroko being lifted up by that magnet crane it really just bugs me. Maybe because in this case it was probably the effect of accidental sheer idiocy.

    Edit: Oh well, its a "cartoon" (put in parenthesis in case people have problem with me calling it a cartoon), but it still bugs me

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    I REALLY HATE THAT EPISODE BECAUSE ASH is acting reckless like a baby. shouldn't he be more of a quick thinker like his friends?!

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