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Thread: “The Brockster is In!” Review Thread

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    Loved the game references, especially since the dub added Black and White.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Cynthia View Post
    Come on, many of you are acting as if the Pokemon would have DIED if Brock hadn't thrown that bottle cap overboard.
    They would NOT have died and we all know that. Of course, we know that Pokemon don't die and if Brock hadn't had any medicine, the worst possible scenario would have been that the baby Pokemon would have had to suffer a little bit longer. Why so many think that somebody would have died sure is beyond me...
    This isn't the games where Pokemon just "faint". Not to mention, the games are made that way for a reason. "Your Level 5 Caterpie took critical damage with Fire Blast. It's now DEAD. Abort game?"
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