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Solo Cannoneer VS. FF5 playthrough [PART 1]

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by , 26th January 2014 at 05:36 AM (439 Views)
I guess I'll post my report in here, as well as in the topic of its origin. Here and there are also recommended reading.

The Cannoneer look like pirate captains. It was tempting to just use Faris for this task, but I figured this being my first solo, I'd rather not futz around with Antlion. So I figured to name my soloist after Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Because why not? Nothing else, besides Kirk and Captain Murasa from Touhou, really came to immediate mind.

Stat-wise, Cannoneer is a somewhat average class. Strength is about the same as Red Mage (+9 vs. +8), a +6 in Agility and Vitality, and a +4 in Magic. It gets knives and swords for weapons, and is also capable of equipping shields, Like the Chemist, it can equip both light and casting armor. The job command of this class is !Open Fire. Let's see what it can do for us.

Well then. That's something. So this command is akin to !Dance or !Oath, in where there are four possible outcomes. Each of these does heavy physical damage. Here's the relevant info from the GBA Algorithms guide.

- Odds / Status \ "Att-Def"
- 104/256 / Blind \ 115
- 62 /256 | Poison \ 115
- 60 /256 | Confusion \ 175
- 30 /256 | Insta-Death \ 215 (kills undead)

This means...something? I'm not exactly sure what damage formula it uses. 2E is possible. The gist of it though, these are very potent attacks, each of which sets a status on the enemy if possible.

I took Picard up to about level 10 before taking on Karlabos, by fighting the monsters in the Torna Canal who were of no threat to him (another reason why I didn't just use Faris). The fight with the lobster was trivial, as he wasted by a pair of !Open Fires. A death shot would've done it in one.

During the ship graveyard, I learned the consequences of going into a dungeon solo with too few potions. Ended up having to make a few tactical retreats. Well, it's a learning process I guess.

Siren and Magisa were both shot up, the former dying in two blasts and the latter in one. In-between, I rectified the problem I had before by buying a full stock of 99 Potions. This made the North Mountain more a hiking trip than anything else.

Picard managed to retrieve the Elf Mantle from the Walse Castle basement!! Open Fire at its finest could do enough to take out a Jackanapes in a single hit. He only had to face two. He blew away the first, and with the cape protecting him from attacks, ran from the second.

It finally hit me in the tower to send Picard to the back, as !Open Fire is not subject to row. I picked up a habit of blowing away the most dangerous enemies first.

Galura was hit with a confuse shot, and proceeded to take no further action. A bug, no doubt. Confusion works by having the monster select attacks from its !Control list to use, with enemies and allies reversed in targetting. No attacks in that = the enemy does nothing while confused. The next blast finished off the freaky elephant/mammoth.

The !Combine command uses mixing ingredients and drinks as some of its ammo. That means that these Turtle Shells have a use later on. Much much later one. I got the Mythril Sword I'm probably not going to use as Picard's cheap item in Karnak. I suited him up in the best of the armor he could equip after the festivities in the castle, and sent him into the Steamship.

!Open Fire is unblockable, so Flash from the Crew Dust was a non-issue.

Liquid Flame I thought was going to be the first troublesome boss. However, I found all of its forms were vulnerable to Confuse, and luck happened to be on my side. Had to drink a Hi-Potion in order to avoid a potentially fatal Fira, but that was about all.

Picard had more than enough firepower to loot all the chests in Karnak, including the chests I had no use for. I switched him to the front row as well, using the Mythril Sword I guess I am using after all to save animation time against lone Cur Nakks and Gigases if they weren't gibbed. Not that it was needed, as I escaped with 4 minutes left anyway.

I fought Iron Claw for the novelty of it. Three shots blew him away.

Level 20 before the Ancient Library is a bad idea. I charged in anyway and just ran from everything, believing that Picard could easily defeat the two bosses waiting within. The encounters here are terrible anyway.

Ifrit ate two !Open Fires, the second of which was instant death.

Byblos proved a bit trickier. I had Picard equip the Knife so that Confusion would not be an issue. Losing the Guardian Dagger's weapon block might be a bad thing...but Byblos is vulnerable to blind. The !Open Fires were Death, Blind, and Poison - the latter of which he is vulnerable to as well.

After a few tries, I managed to inflict the Poison and about 2000 damage before he Protected up, I could just sit back and watch his life bleed away. Which is a good thing, as the counter-Drains just barely edged out the damage from !Open Fire after Protect.

Sandworm took way more blasts than average for bosses, but is otherwise not worth writing about. Picard got his class's second ability after the battle. EXP Up does exactly what it says on the tin, and is certain to reduce the grind!

I got cocky on Crayclaw and just tried to shoot him to death, hoping for an eventual killshot. That never came, but thanks to evasion and his repeated use of Tailscrew, he didn't manage the kill.

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