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[Spoilers] Create-a-Gym

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by , 10th October 2013 at 01:39 PM (232 Views)
Found this on /vp/ whilst surfing for reaction images.

People generally agreed that I would make a good Fairy type Gym Leader, and Togekiss is probably my favorite Pokemon. So, here is/are my Fairy Gym(s)!

A team for a beginner trainer with no badges, choose two pokemon level 9-14.
Togepi - Level 9
Florette - Level 12

A team for a decent trainer with three badges, choose three to four pokemon level 21-30.
Klefki -21
Floette/Carbink -22
Togetic -24

Lastly, a team for a trainer challenging you for their eighth and final badge. Choose four to five pokemon, level 45-50.
Klefki - 40
Floette - 42
Sylveon -43
Togekiss - 45

And my Champion team
Klefki - 58
Sylveon - 62
Gardevoir - 64
Florges -62
Clefable - 59
Togekiss - 65

Lastly, choose your gyms gimmick. If you don't get it, think about how in Elesa's gym there are a bunch of roller coasters you have to ride to get to her.
Storybook theme: you start off in the first part of the Gym, a playroom. The Gym has a light purple fog in everywhere, though this doesn't affect the battles. After beating the scary Hex Maniac, you 'escape' to the forest room, filled with shifting Trevenant following a pattern and trying to disorient you. In the middle of the forest, there's an option to battle the "Sleeping Beauty," who uses Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff. Beat her to 'wake her up' and have her calm the angry spirits in the forest. (Making them stop their patterns and form a clear path for you.) Throughout the Gym, the other Gym trainers will wait to battle you.

Finally, climb the tower and meet the prince at the top - me. Beat the Gym Leader and the fog is lifted and the kingdom has been saved.

The prince of the kingdom has shrouded the land in darkness! After defeating his minion, you decide to face him. As you pass through the enchanted forest, you meet a sleeping beauty and wake her up. After avoiding or defeating the prince's minions, you challenge the ruler himself to fair combat. You have won, and liberated the land! In honor of your bravery, the ruler has a change of heart and knights you, bequeathing you the badge.

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