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by , 18th September 2013 at 11:19 PM (290 Views)
You know that weird feeling when you're bored and overwhelmed at the same damned time? Either you're not actually doing anything, or despite actually doing something, you're not satisfied with what you're doing, but at the same time, you do have a lot of stuff you can do, stuff that would normally entertain you, but for some reason they're not working?

I'm feeling like that right now. Our computer teacher gave us the period because we were done with everything, and now I have so much I want to squeeze into the 2 hours I've been given, no level of multitasking will satisfy me. I'm already writing a blog while battling on PO while browsing Tumblr while reading fanfiction, and I still feel like I'm wasting time.

*looks at watch* One hour of freedom left. Ugh. Whatever. I shall carry on rambling.

So I've been away from Bulba so long I finally got this message:

"Hello Dragonfyre. It appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks. Why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?"

And it made me kind of sad. I enjoy this forum, and now I can't because Real Life started banging on my door. I've pretty much devolved into a full-time lurker. Actually, maybe not even a lurker--nowadays I don't get past the first page. I just quickly scroll through the small BNN, BulbaFB and Bulbatwitter windows and leave.

Anyway, I'm pretty much finished rambling.

I hope you're all well. 'Til the next time we get free time, I guess.

Edit: ....a classmate just asked me about PO. And he wasn't sarcastic??? He was actually interested??? He called it 'cool'???He wanted the file???

Dragonfyre is confused. This has been a surreal experience.

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
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    Just remember that this place likes you as much as you like it. Have a nice time.

    It's also good that someone out there liked PO. Most times just the mere word "Pokemon" makes you the tomato target.
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