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My opinion on the new Pokémon/Team Flare

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by , 11th September 2013 at 12:05 PM (450 Views)
Mega Mewtwo X: I don't like it as much as I like Mega Mewtwo Y. It just looks strange, the legs, the body, it'll take a while before I get used to it. I can understand the concept behind it, but visually speaking, I'm really not feeling it. Sorry Mewtwo X fans. At least I'm happy that the rumor of there being 2 Mewtwo was proven right.

I now wonder how much of a role it will play in the central storyline.

Mega Garchomp: Great improvement over the regular Garchomp in my eyes, especially the scythes - that thing will murder you in your sleep. Love it.

Hariboogu: a.k.a. Chespin's evolution. I don't know. It looks round and like a chestnut? Such thick eyebrows? I sincerely hope that its final evolution is something amazing. I expected more, to be honest. :I

Teerunaa: a.k.a. Fennekin's evolution. Love the second form and love the broom on its body, definitely fits it and seems like such a unique concept for something that will eventually become Fire/Psychic. And we finally know how it can learn Glow Punch. And I don't mind the fact it's bipedal at all, I actually like it. Everyone expected it to stay quadrupedal and become Psychic, but I like how this design makes it bipedal and still goes on towards the Psychic type.

a.k.a. Froakie's evolution. What can I say? It looks slim, fast and like a true ninja warrior, can't wait for its final evolution. :D

Chigorasu: a.k.a. brown T-Rex (fossil). Can you say T-Rex? It looks absolutely beast, I literally find its design to be perfect. Simply perfect. And I love the typing.

Amarusu: a.k.a. blue dinosaur (fossil). I love it, I love the blue, I love the small gems on its body, it looks really, really cool. I'm dying to see its evolution.

Torimian: a.k.a. the white dog. It's okay. Its design is nothing particularly interesting though I guess it's nice you can alter its looks a little bit. Its ability Fur Coat is definitely a huge plus, cool ability indeed.

Nyaonikusu (Meowstick): I really like these designs, so elegant, so French. I especially like how depending on their gender, they play different roles. I prefer the male one (blue) in terms of design but in terms of moves and the fact it's actually the one who's more aggressive, I prefer the female one. It's a nice change of roles since usually one would think that the male one would be more aggressive.

In terms of Pokémon, I am very happy. These are some of the nicest designs I've seen and X/Y are proving to be even better than we'd initially hoped they'd become. In terms of plot, we got some news on Team Flare.

It has five scientists (so, like admins? They look hilariously fabulous, by the way) and their goal is to create a 'beautiful world'.

Looking at their ridiculous, over-the-top outfits and their strange sense of style, I feel like their idea of a beautiful world may be more different than we imagine. They're definitely up to something and I'm really eager to find out what it is.

My guess is world domination in order to make the world more beautiful, but hey, I hope they surprise us with something else.

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  1. dracoflare's Avatar
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    I honestly like Mewtwo X. He's..........what should I say.......diabolical? He looks amazing, even though he's slightly ugly.

    I am not a fan of Mega Garchomp. I don't like the jaws.

    I LOVE Hariboogu. He's just sooo cuuute. I liked Chespin's front teeth which amplifies the cheerful look on his face. And please, a defensive grass starter! Of course I am in love!!

    Teerunaa: I am in love with her too. I love her design and she will look amazing alongside Serena. Just imagine both of them giving the same pose?

    Gekogashira: My most favorite maybe. I like his design very very much.

    And I am not sure about Team Flare's "beautiful world" thing. I mean what is their conflict? Kill people who are ugly? I am not even sure how this dream of their's gonna work in terms of plot.
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    Beauty is a matter of perspective. If they find the world ugly as it is now, they may want to try and change that world. Beauty doesn't necessarily have to stand for the word 'beauty' alone, but more for how they view the world. If they find it ugly, they will do whatever they can to make it beautiful, or at least make it the way that they find is beautiful. Their uniforms and their name reflect that. They find what they're wearing fashionable so God knows what kind of beauty they want to drag the world into.
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  3. dracoflare's Avatar
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    Wonderful point. Which gives me this idea.........what if Team Flare is attempting to induce a new kind of fashion sense into Kalos? Like we have Gothic Fashion, Team Flare might me wanting people to convert into "Flare culutre", which could involve wearing red flashy suits, using fire type Pokemon etc. Maybe they are trying to eradicate the traditional Kalos fashion and culture and ingrain their own style of living in the society.\.
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  4. El_'s Avatar
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    I honestly hope that your right on the Team Flare part. At the very least they are scientist rather than something silly like fashion models, so that is a positive. Scientist work on improving our way of life through understanding the world, so perhaps Flare wants to take this to an extreme?

    The world being imperfect could be the same as it being ugly afterall, which could tie into genetics fairly well. I just don't want to get my hopes up, but I really want a good plot again after Gen 5.
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  5. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    @El_; Well yeah, they might be thinking 'This world is ugly, it's up to us to fix it, it's up to us to make it beautiful'. I truly feel like Life/Destruction of Xerneas/Yveltal could play a role here then again I could see Mewtwo playing a role too. :S
  6. Norzan's Avatar
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    I like Mega Mewtwo X much more than Mega Mewtwo Y, Mega Mewtwo Y looks like a downgrade more than an upgrade. I was going to buy Y because of Yveltal but now i don't know wich i'm gonna buy because i really like Mega Mewtwo X.
  7. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
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    You know, talking about "beauty" regarding Team Flare's goals, and simultaneously Mega Mewtwo's aesthetics...

    I am thinking that Mega Mewtwo X's design seeming "ugly" to some people may be completely intentional. Especially when you compare it to Mewtwo Y.

    Mewtwo X definitely looks rough, harsh and tacky. Highly battle-oriented. Meanwhile, Mewtwo Y looks more sleek, rounded and following a kind of "aesthetically engineered pleasing" philosophy seen in modern designs.

    Regardless of which one you personally preffer... They are up to something, given how both designs go in completely opposite aesthetic directions. And it's similarly interesting that the X one would be this and the Y the sleek one.
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