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Best Wishes! Revised [Long post]

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by , 8th July 2013 at 08:16 PM (987 Views)
So yeah. I've long been thinking of a ideas for a anime series based on Generation V that's more faithful to the games and makes Ash a better trainer. I already kind of planned out the plot of the 146 or so episodes that make up the series (many episodes and elements would be the same as the actual TV show) but everything is subject to change.

- The beginning of the series of would kind of be the same. I would like Zekrom to be revived from the Dark Stone from the games but I wouldn't really mind having Zekrom appear here to de-power Pikachu to set up Ash's connection to Zekrom (likewise, N would be with Reshiram. I guess this is Pokémon White.) I was just thinking, alternatively, maybe Zekrom's appearance would be an illusion or hallucination of some kind, thus giving a good reason why Pikachu's loss of power would be only temporary. How it would work out, I have no idea.
- I'd give Ash some different Pokémon, and give both Iris and Cilan more Pokémon. All of Ash's starters evolve at least once and all three learn the Pledge Moves (basically, Charles would teach Ash about Triple Battles, and someone else the Pledge Moves, or at least someone to take Charles' role from the games.)
- How Team Rocket would be handled, I'm still thinking of.
- Trip's battle with de-powered Pikachu ends in a draw. Trip usually ties or loses to Ash in battle. I was just thinking, Trip's photography could be focused on more, I was just thinking perhaps he could be the photographer in the episode about the 4 Sawsbuck.
- Team Plasma's plot is pretty much like the original game. They debut giving a speech in Accumula Town where N overhears, and he battles Ash out of curiousity, being a trainer just like the games. I am open to having Team Rocket come into conflict with them as was planned, but admittedly I haven't really thought of such a fight.
- I would like to keep in most of the "fillers" from the current show that don't really conflict with anything from the game, but I might have to excise them, finding myself a little cramped for episode space.
- There would be a few episodes around training Pokémon and improving techniques, as I find that to be an important part of the journey.
- Cheren appears as a recurring rival of Ash's, just like in the games. He easily defeats Ash in place of Trip. He seeks to be the champion and become strong.
- Bianca is friends with Cheren likes the games, and likewise has a crises over her hitting a glass ceiling. (Of course, this glass ceiling of strength has nothing to do with her gender)
-Most of the rivals would be similar to how they are, except Luke. Not particularly fond of him, and I'd rather see his Pokémon on the main cast. I'd rather have Cameron debut in his place. Although, I don't have an explanation for his Riolu. Barring Pikachu and Meowth, it'd be the only pre-Gen V critter in the show.
- The tournaments would be similar, but given more episodes and probably with some battles shifted around.

- Pokémon Black and White 2 would be released around the time Ash battles Skyla with this pacing. I suppose I would throw in and episode to advertise BW2, although I'd like to save Roxie and PokéStar Studios for after the League.
- Drayden is the last gym leader, but Ash loses to him. Iris' battle with Drayden is the same, but Ash battles her Dragons as training for a rematch with Drayden.
- Ash would win his 8 badges by BW104. The Unova League would start around BW120 and last 10 or 11 episodes. In-between this would essentially be the beginning of "Season 2" The final is Ash vs. Cheren, Ash wins the league. Here is how the tournament would work: (I threw in random people in some spots)

For the semifinals you could switch it around to have Ash beat Virgil and Cheren beat Bianca, if people think that's better.
- After winning the League, Ash [with Zekrom] battles N [with Reshiram]. Ash is victorious and Team Plasma seemingly disbands. This is around BW132.

- When everything is said and done, there are about 13 or 14 episodes left in the series. There would be an arc based directly on Black 2 and White 2. The premise I'm not sure of, but it would involve the Giant Chasm somehow. About 4 or 5 episodes are spent showcasing locations/elements from the sequel games. Team Plasma makes a return in its Black and White 2 iteration. Ghetsis manages to create White Kyurem, absorbing the Reshiram that N flew away with. (Naturally, Ash parts with Zekrom.) A grandiose battle takes place over 3 or 4 episodes. Ghetsis is defeated for good and N and his sisters leave, for good.
(- I might push everything up a few more episodes to give more episodes for this arc.)

- Now there are 3 or 4 episodes left in the series. Ash gets on a ship to Kanto, with Iris and Cilan in tow.
- One episode would involve Clair appearing to set Iris up to leave.
- One episode involves Alexa appearing to promote X & Y.
- The last episode or two involves Ash arriving home and deciding to follow Alexa to Kalos.

Input, ideas and criticism welcome!

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  1. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
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    I wholeheartedly agree with you, I felt like the whole time, the writers of BW just didn't care at all about the games and only wanted to do their own things, which in turn angered a lot of the long-time viewers and caused them to leave.
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  2. Ambipom666's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robo-Floatzel
    I wholeheartedly agree with you, I felt like the whole time, the writers of BW just didn't care at all about the games and only wanted to do their own things, which in turn angered a lot of the long-time viewers and caused them to leave.
    I don't know anything about big drops in viewership, I definitely agree with you. The writers have always wanted to do their own thing but I think it really shines brightest here. Now if the writers came up with awesome original plots for the anime that were stupendously great or something, I might not really mind. But I don't feel that's ever happened, and I wouldn't hold my breath on it. As the plots in the main series games get better and better and the anime decides to stray from it or only adapt it half-heartedly, I feel its quality will suffer more and more. But that's just me, someone probably outside the target audience!
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  3. PockyAddict's Avatar
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    I agree with the team plasma debut at accumula town too. It sorta would have made that part of bw bearable (episodes 1 til the after casteala gym battle sorta bored me around the time that they aired in japan) for me.

    And I would also separate the starters too, like what was did in advance generation. (I think that those were the best handled starters along with kanto and sinnoh).
  4. Spypitoad's Avatar
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    This was a really good post. But you did not mentioned that Palpitoad should get more screen time. And then Dino should win Vertress Conference.


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