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Tier Differences between Pokémon Online and Smogon

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by , 3rd July 2013 at 08:18 AM (1062 Views)
It's July now, so that means tier changes for both Pokemon Online and Smogon are in effect. Basically, the trend is that Pokemon Online have tier changes every two months, while Smogon get theirs every three months. Their meeting point is June, so I decided to compare the changes now. Before that, let's see what changes they have recently:

Looking at these differences, it's clear that Pokemon Online has quite a number of changes, compared to Smogon. In fact, there is only one noteworthy change on Smogon! On the other hand, Pokemon Online shows a bit of change, with the best being Golurk moving to UU in both a personal and statistical sense. There are other changes that are interesting, with the interesting ones being Mismagius, Claydol and Manectric. Tornadus is one change LU players dread, since Tornadus is a powerhouse that is very difficult to deal with.

A word of my desire to promote Golurk to RU: I felt sad that that didn't happen, because Golurk was so close, at 3.398%! It was actually about 0.01% away from being there, since 3.41% is the cutoff. To be fair, June's usage was great for Golurk (at around 3.5%), but the other two months counterbalanced the usage that it didn't happen. It's apparent that I didn't play enough battles. Still, Golurk moving to UU in Pokemon Online by just a small margin makes up for it somewhat, standing at about 4.117% (cutoff is 4%), so I am happy for this. This meant that Golurk moved back to UU after such a long time.

Now that that's done, let's look at the current differences between the two tiers. The ones I mentioned are in that tier, with the difference in parantheses:

Tier Smogon Pokemon Online
OU Blissey (PO: UU)
Metagross (PO: UU)
Reuniclus (PO: UU)
Kyurem-B (PO: BL)
Latias (PO: BL)
Haxorus (PO: BL)
Hydreigon (PO: BL)
Gastrodon (PO: NU)
(No exclusives)
UU Froslass (PO: BL)
Roserade (PO: BL)
Meloetta (PO: BL2)
Bisharp (PO: LU)
Claydol (PO: LU)
Dusclops (PO: LU)
Krookodile (PO: LU)
Mismagius (PO: LU)
Tornadus (PO: LU)
Zoroark (PO: LU)
Houndoom (PO: NU)
Abomasnow (PO: NEU)
Blissey (Sm: OU)
Metagross (Sm: OU)
Reuniclus (Sm: OU)
Amoonguss (Sm: RU)
Qwilfish (Sm: RU)
Golurk (Sm: NU)
RU/LU Smeargle (PO: BL)
Amoonguss (PO: UU)
Qwilfish (PO: UU)
Bouffalant (PO: NU)
Drapion (PO: NU)
Emboar (PO: NU)
Klinklang (PO: NU)
Mesprit (PO: NU)
Rhydon (PO: NU)
Archeops (PO: NEU)
Bouffalant (PO: NEU)
Crawdaunt (PO: NEU)
Electivire (PO: NEU)
Hariyama (PO: NEU)
Quagsire (PO: NEU)
Snover (PO: NEU)
Whimsicott (PO: NEU)
Bisharp (Sm: UU)
Claydol (Sm: UU)
Dusclops (Sm: UU)
Krookodile (Sm: UU)
Mismagius (Sm: UU)
Tornadus (Sm: UU)
Zoroark (Sm: UU)
Venomoth (Sm: BL2)
Braviary (Sm: NU)
Miltank (Sm: NU)
NU/PU/NEU Golurk (PO: UU)
Braviary (PO: LU)
Miltank (PO: LU)
Jynx (PO: BL3)
Gastrodon (Sm: OU)
Abomasnow (Sm: UU)
Houndoom (Sm: UU)
Archeops (Sm: RU)
Bouffalant (Sm: RU)
Crawdaunt (Sm: RU)
Drapion (Sm: RU)
Electivire (Sm: RU)
Emboar (Sm: RU)
Hariyama (Sm: RU)
Klinklang (Sm: RU)
Mesprit (Sm: RU)
Quagsire (Sm: RU)
Rhydon (Sm: RU)
Snover (Sm: RU)
Whimsicott (Sm: RU)
Others Drought - BL
Shell Smash + Baton Pass - BL2
Snow Warning - BL
Vulpix - BL
Damp Rock - BL4

The difference between both tiers are drastic. PO has a smaller OU group compared to Smogon's more diverse lineup, leading to other Pokemon that would normally be part of Smogon's OU to a lower tier. Some of them are really powerful, so you could see how the Dragons are notably banned from UU, such as Haxorus and Hydreigon. However, some do have a place in UU, so you could see Metagross able to do its duties well, although the Fire-types and Ground-types will keep it at bay, so Metagross is still managable.

Looking at RU, Smogon is once again more diverse, having a lot more Pokemon in RU than in Pokemon Online. However, Pokemon Online has the best available Pokemon, because there are some fun stuff like Mismagius and Zoroark, so there is more variety. NU is also one with variety in Pokemon Online, as there are more Pokemon available there!

It is important to note, once again, that Smogon's usage stats are rather stagnant as far as tier shifts go. This is because Pokemon Showdown lists every Pokemon by tier, which has both a positive and negative effect. The positive is that players will know which Pokemon belongs to what tier. The negative is that, because they know which Pokemon is in what tier, they are less likely to experiment with other capable Pokemon in the lower tier, especially in UU and RU. As such, Smogon's viability list is vastly different from what the stats suggest, so Tauros is actually better in RU than its NU status would suggest. Pokemon Online may not necessarily have better players, but the variety is enough to keep things fresh, which complements their more frequent tier shifts, because at least shifts are more dynamic.

At this point, it looks like Pokemon Online will have two more tier shifts left, while Smogon only have one, so it will be interesting to see what becomes of the final tier placements before Pokemon X and Y becomes the standard battling program. Meanwhile, here's hoping Golurk becomes RU this time! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.
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