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TY’s to do list

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by , 19th May 2013 at 03:04 AM (433 Views)
Hello humanoid beings. As you know, I currently have a very busy schedule. So I decided, why not share what I want to do? It is not like I will accomplish anything any time soon. Besides, I need to list these or otherwise I will forget them.

Blog projects.

1-List of currently unavailable, event-only and alternate canon moves for Pokémon(Undefined)
Status: Currently in progress
This is a massive list I’m currently working on. I’m not sure how I will release it. I might do it as a blog series(though that will be far to large) or distribute it as a text document.
I will probably use some of it to mention the wiki errors in the errors or the suggestions thread, though.

2-The team themes of anime characters’ parties(Blog series)
Status: WIP. On hiatus until summer.
This is something I wanted to do for a while and it was pushed a bit forward with Gotpika’s suggestion. This is going to be very long, slow and personally, quite satisfying. Obviously I will ban certain characters, but others will be open to suggestions. I might also do one for the game characters much later on.

3-The list of Gen VI Pokémon merchandise released or confirmed before the release of X/Y.(Blog post)
Status: N/A.
Pre-release merchandise is a very poorly researched topic and I can't think of a better time than the current period, when they are trying to milk the hell out of the “word-of-mouth” aspects of the social media and the internet hype machine.

4-What to least expect from any X ever?(Blog series)
Current status: Generation and Anime Series are WIP and under hiatus. I am not sure if I will do anything else except maybe Main Region and Gameplay Aspects
Yes, Pokémon is a cyclic series(as in, in most well known canons) and I am going to prove it. Sort of. This will be a series that will list common tropes that appear about the topic. I find this important because I am really sick and tired of the farfetched fakes and rumors. Hopefully, this blog will allow more grounded conversations than sheer insanity.

5-April Fools Special Dub Comparison(Blog post)
Status: Lost. On hiatus.
A promise I made to Iteru more than a year ago, hopefully I will manage to write it up in summer and post it next April Fools.

6-Blog Special- Why Iris is the perfect heroine and will continue to stay in the series, a tribute to MisterUrban.(Blog post)
Status: N/A.
A very obvious fact based on the discussions within various different communities and the excessive research of the current marketing trends and fan responses, this blog will also serve as a tribute to a great poster who met an ill fate as it was viciously attacked by the conservative parents of Bulbagarden, who he affectionately referred as “<REDACTED> scavenging members of Aves class”(citation needed).

7-My gripes with the fandom(Blog series)
Status: N/A.
Yeah... this is going to be big. Some of the ones I plan to make are;
a-Why you should stop considering Ninetales as a Disney supporting animal character and start considering it as a demonic, hateful seductress(or seducer).(Needs a smaller title)
b-The conceptional, flavor-wise and practical importance of BST and why the “BST is nothing” is a worse myth than “IV is nothing”.
c- Why the fandom's preferences are its greatest enemy(probably will become a mini-series of sorts).
D- Why homogenization of the communities is killing the forums and the real importance of bashing.(Probably I will use a less controversial title, because this sounds like a zealous political debater's speech.)
e- Bibarel, a misunderstood hero.(Needs a more epic title)
f-List of common misunderstandings caused by the localization errors that people should just look up already.
Probably this one will start in summer, hopefully anyways.

9-Gen V Battle Simulator Team Dump(Blog post)
Status: Lost. On hiatus until summer.
This will be a dump of the teams that I used on Pokémon Online or Showdown(with comments, of course). Since Showdown lost my updated PO teams, they will probably be in their older form. This will NOT be a RMT.

10-11-Wishlist for future generations(Blog series)
Status: N/A.
This will be a two parted series, one featuring my personal opinions, and other chronicling the fans' opinions. Yes, I am serious about this, though I might just go lazy and just put in talks of the Youtube producers.
Some subsections are:
1-Gameplay changes I want to see.
2-Changes to pre-existing moves and abilities I want to see.
3-New Pokémon ideas I want to see
And their respective counterparts for fandom opinions.

Elsewhere Blog(All of it N/A)
1-Fantastic Fan Works(Blog series)
Status: N/A.
A list of reviews, gushing and riffing of fan projects that I liked, abandoned or not.
The works that are definitely going to be on the list:
-Persian's Tale of Giovanni
-Pokémon Legends
-Puella Magi Homura Magica(correct sp?)
The writers and artists that are definitely going to be on the list:
-Blackjack Gabbiani
-Bummerdude(Rare Candy Treatment)

2-Fantastic Online Works(Blog Series)
The works that are definitely going to be on the list:
Opey the Warhead(seriously)
I will need to reread this one from start to last though.

3-Symbolic and contextual analysis of Madoka witches.(Blog Series)

4-Symbolic and contextual analysis of NGE Angels(TV series until movie series is finished and last updated rerelease is released).(Blog Series)
Boy these two are gonna be fun.

6-Teen Titans(TV Show) Marathon Opinions(Blog Miniseries)

Future Undefined stuff

1-Other in-depth character analyses perhaps?
2-A doodle blog or tumblr.
3-An ask tumblr?
4-A blog series about the character designs' analyses(anime and/or games)?
5-Losing weight.
6-Redesigns and humanized doodles?
7-Other TR dub comparisons?

Other suggestions are welcome.

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