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Happy birthday to me~

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by , 4th April 2013 at 11:49 AM (278 Views)
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! I'll be spending my birthday with this here beauty...

I had also ordered some iTunes gift money, but they haven't processed it out yet. :/ Even though I ordered two days ago. Normally, I'd just do it again through my regular debit card (I used a different card than normal) but the holds are still on my account and its for a hundred each, so... I'll just wait I guess. At least I won't run out of credit when it finally goes through.

Welp. Off to my movie!

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Happy birthday!
  2. Zexy's Avatar
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    Happy Birthday! And Happy Movie!
  3. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    @Contrary ; Thanks honey bunch~ <3
    @BlueWartortle ; Haha, thank you! And I did enjoy it. It was great. Entirely too short though.
  4. Zexy's Avatar
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    Yep, I didn't like it as much as previous ones as well. Whatever, it is nice to get some Musketeer showcase, however...
    Compared to Meloetta's short, that was great! :P
  5. AiedailEclipsed's Avatar
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    I've yet to see it! I don't know anything about it really.


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