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by , 24th February 2013 at 11:39 PM (244 Views)
Pokemon Rajio Shoo ni wa aruteido no kyoomi o toru tame.

Enough Japanese, Haruhi! Anyway, I took some interest in the Team Rocket Radio show. I heard from other places that it was funny and from others that it was bad. I want to see for *myself* and I see that others are with me on this one. I want to know from other opinions, how is it?

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    I haven't heard it myself, but from the summaries, it's really weird. In a good, funny way.
  2. はるひ's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Contrary
    I haven't heard it myself, but from the summaries, it's really weird. In a good, funny way.
    Yeah me to. I mean, I'm starting to get a grasp on the words so it's going to be fun to see lol
  3. Pokemaniac24's Avatar
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    If you're a true fan of BW TR like you claim to be even though I don't think you are, you'll hate it. If you don't like BW TR, you'll probably like it.
  4. Musashi's Avatar
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    If you want to hear for yourself, buy the CDs! They're a bit expensive, but it'll help support a second season.

    You can also check out each review thread, as we tried to post as much detail as possible. There's also a few transcripts that I still need to put up ^^;
  5. はるひ's Avatar
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    Contrary-san/Musashi-san doomo arigatoo gozai masu. karera ga sugurete iru baai, watashi wa 2-banme no shīzun o sapōto suru tame ni yorokonde iru to omoimasu ^ _ ^

    (that means thanks, I'll support a second season if they are good)

    Oh there is no such thing as a true fan. A fan is a fan is a fan. You don't have to be a know it all stuck up fan to be a fan of BW Team Rocket. I like them and AG and DP, and that's all that matters. (though I used to dislike BW TR)


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