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Pokémon Observation: Mamoswine

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by , 19th January 2013 at 10:24 AM (2683 Views)
For today's observation, the target is Mamoswine. That's right, Dawn's muscular, bulky, behemoth. I just felt the strong urge to do an observation on Mamoswine since it's tied for my favorite of Dawn's Pokémon and it's probably the only actual one Pokémonof Dawn's that got development since Plush Quartet(Cyndaquil, Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu) were all mostly stagnate throughout DP and Togekiss had a fairly late capture.

Dawn and Mamoswine

Pokémon Summary

Mamoswine originally was caught as a Swinub back in Hungry for the Good Life!. During his first appearance, Swinub was pretty much a cute, chipper guy with a very huge appetite. It began to bond with Dawn when it started woofing down her Poffin. Dawn later on decided to make Swinub its own extra large tray of Poffin and after Team Rocket stole all their Pokémon Swinub helped out, abut it seemed more keen on finding food at first than Team Rocket. After that experience Dawn decided to add Swinub to her team.

Swinub later evolved in Sleep-less In Pre-Battle! a.k.a the very underwhelming Darkrai versus Cresselia episode. Swinub pretty much evolved with no battling experience or training. The same thing later happened again in A Breed Stampede!, but wait....wah?! A huge, strong powerhouse can't be given to a main character so quickly, right? Nope, this is where the fun begins actually. In this short amount of time that once cheery swine morphed into a very insubordinate beast. This is the crux of Mamoswine's character and inevitable development.

After Dawn helped the very injured Mamoswine in Trials and Adulations! after a battle against a very strong Aggron it began to listen to her. She did this using the skills she gained when Pachirisu was sick that she learned from Brock. After a rematch again the Aggron with, with Dawn commanding Mamoswine while riding it, it won.

Character Interactions



Character Development & Growth

Mamoswine's Hidden Power-surrounded Ice Armor

Like Ash's Charizard, Mamoswine's motives for being disobedient was its arrogance. It thought it knew better than its own trainer and after a heart-to-heart episode and bonding Mamoswine began to obey Dawn once again. Most of Mamoswine's development has been in been centralized around its character. Mamoswine was a vector for Dawn to test out what she learned from Brock in Doc Brock! when her Pachirisu fell ill, though I shouldn't talk about that since that was Dawn learning something and not Mamoswine. Mamoswine little by little managed to gain interest in Contest by watching Dawn during training or during her Contest.

In terms of battling growth, Mamoswine had a massive jump in power after evolving into a Swinub in such a short proximity of time. Due to this increase in power Mamoswine managed to show countless times it's a very direct and beastly Pokemon. Taking on a wild Aggron, Granbull, Iris' Dragonite, and attempting to battle Tangrowth with no hesitation. In particular Mamoswine has shown to have good endurance easily taking all out Piplup's attacks with no problem and charging right through a Hyper Beam from Aggron with it having no effect, it also survived a multitude of vicious attacks from Ursula's Flareon and Gabite, as opposed to Pachirisu who dodged most of the attacks.

The Duo of Mamoswine and Cyndaquil

Now I'm gonna touch upon Mamoswine's Double Battles, the things Mamoswine mainly shined in. It trained specifically to make combinations for Double Battles, mostly involving Ice Shard. Ice Chandelier and Flame-Ice are these combinations, its respective partners were the very small and agile Pachirisu and Cyndaquil. Although unsuccessful at first Mamoswine managed to get the hang of Double Battles and showed some excellent cooperation with Dawn's other Pokemon. Although I wished Mamoswine had gotten more one-on-one battles it still showed great prowess in Doubles.

Have the changes and growth with this character been good?

This is a really rhetorical question. Yes, they've been very good. I actually don't mind that Dawn's Swinub evolved all the way to its final form with little to no training. It really livened up Dawn's otherwise stale team for me. None of them had any character development and most of them ceased to stop growing in strength completely at that point. Pachirisu, didn't really use Super Fang ever after learning it except in the first Contest against Ursula. Buneary never learned anything. Piplup was largely the same most of its run and only learned Hydro Pump much much later on. Piplup never matured or grew as a character. Ambipom's development was done pretty much after being traded and evolving and later on having abrupt development where she decided her true calling was in Pokémon Ping-Pong. Again, I'm getting away from Mamoswine so let's go back to it. Mamoswine's evolution might have not been the most realistic thing but regardless it has a nice amount of character development, struggle for Dawn's character, and personality that really made it likable. If not very developed and an example of what character development within a Pokémon means.

Is this character memorable?

I think that Mamoswine is very memorable. I'd even go so far as to say Mamoswine is more memorable than all of Dawn's team sans Piplup who is her starter Pokémon and gets prominent amounts of screentime. Mamoswine is more remember-worthy in a good way compared to Piplup however who was mostly known for its comedic behavior. I think it's one of the most memorable in the DP & BW gang of Pokémon period. Mamoswine is easily the best developed member of Dawn's team and my tied for my favorite.(The other favorite is Togekiss.) Mamoswine is also incredibly cute when it wants to be, believe it or not. So, yeah, very memorable.

How they rank?

Let's see, since it was in BW and DP. I'll rank it next them, though it feels somewhat unfair in a sense.

The Unova Gang Pokémon Overall

Dawn's Team

DP Gang Pokémon

Considering he's the only DP Pokémon I've done, yeah. :P

Next time:I'll try to get back in the BW Pokemon, Krookodile, perhaps?. I had fun writing this though.

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