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Smugleaf's White Forest

Well, I watched the latest Pokémon movie.

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by , 14th December 2012 at 07:45 AM (342 Views)
And it was enjoyable, but somewhat short.

One of the things I liked about it is that there wasn't too much of a plot or random nonsense like the Dragon Energy from M14. The plot was pretty much straightforward and the action/battle scenes were amazing. I really got into them and I pretty much enjoyed every second of those battles. Sadly, however, I was stuck with the dubbed version so I had to put up with Keldeo's annoying dub voice.

Another thing that annoyed me was how deformed the faces of human characters were. Seriously, isn't a Pokémon movie supposed to have better quality than the anime show? Because I've seen episodes with better drawn faces than this movie had. Yeah, yeah, the colors were vibrant and all but it just annoyed me. All the Pokémon looked amazing however, so at least that part was done right.

I enjoyed seeing Iris and Cilan have a role of their own but what I truly loved was the inclusion of the Old Matriarch from the Dragon Village. She got her own flashback and I think it was nice touch given Iris's background and connection to dragon types. Though I do think Iris could have shown a bit more reaction regarding the whole dual typed, ice/dragon, Kyurem thing. It's a shame they didn't use that opportunity.

I also wish they expanded more upon Keldeo's character. Despite his voice, he was a likable character and I rooted for him. ^^

Overall, this movie was enjoyable. (excluding the fact that a group of ten year olds managed to sneak into an unguarded museum and that a 10-year old girl managed to steal and control a blimp.) Seriously, they could try to be at least little realistic. XD
The battle scenes were a blast to watch and Kyurem looked amazing.

Indeed, much better than M14. But what I'm really excited about is that Genesect movie. I've seen the trailer and I was blown away by how amazing the mysterious "Red Genesect" looks. The poster is also sweet. I'm hyped! :D

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  1. Savi's Avatar
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    "they could try to be at least a little realistic."

    XD if they were being realistic, I don't think Pokemon would be as enjoyable as it is now!
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  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
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    I wish there were at least some guards in the museum or something. XD
  3. Savi's Avatar
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    Yeah that's true! would have made it feel more real :'P. I haven't watched the movie yet! Last one I watched was um.. the Black/White ones.


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