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Bubble Frog

Pokémon Observation: Excadrill

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by , 29th September 2012 at 12:09 PM (2816 Views)
Today, on the menu, I'll be examining and taking a look into a Pokémon that was ornery at the beginning, but with time showed that he's a very nice and kind Pokémon.

Stay Cool, Excadrill!

Pokémon Summary

Excadrill, Iris' starter and one of the region's token disobedient Pokémon. Excadrill is quite an emotional Pokémon, he's a bit of a tough guy but has a soft side as well. He was first seen in The Bloom is on Axew! where we learned that Excadrill has disobedience problems and wouldn't listen to a word of what Iris told him. What are Excadrill's motives behind being disobedient? He was hurt because of Iris not being able to understand his feelings. This is a sharp contrast to Mamoswine and Charizard, who were disobedient simply because of their egos. Again, Excadrill is a bit of an emotional Pokémon, a kind-hearted but tough wrangler. In The Seven-Colored Arch Excadrill puts more soul into his singing than the other Pokémon, he also can be quite the happy Pokémon, yet calm and cool at the same time.

Something to note about Excadrill is that while he is a level-headed Pokémon as well as an emotional guy, he also was a bully. Overtime his bullying tendencies are cooled down, during his Drilbur years he would often cause trouble for the other Pokémon as well as easily defeat Iris when she tried to stand up to him. While Excadrill doesn't bully Pokémon anymore, he does still seem to have a few tendencies of sadistic behavior at times.

Drilbur laughs

Drilbur picks on other Pokémon

Excadrill grins with Pikachu by the tail

Character Interactions




Character Development & Growth

Excadrill using Metal Claw

Excadrill's growth thus far has pretty much mostly been character development. Iris managed to get control of her insubordinate Excadrill after a heart-to-heart situation in which Excadrill learned that Iris does care for him and that she would learn to understand her Pokémon better in the future. He opens up to her and quits ignoring her as well as accepts the apology that is presented toward him. He also adjust his battling style and changes it, learning that a long-ranged move would be best for his move set which is one that mostly consistent of moves designed for close combat. In terms of Excadrill growing from the physical-side, that has been less prominent than his character development, but he has shown he's quite the scrappy power player, defeating Burgundy's Dewott in the first round of the Clubsplosion as well as Ash's Pikachu in the Club Battle Tournament finale and earning his 100th win. He also attempted to go up against the Kami Trio, but was defeated by a powerful Electric-type move. As a Drilbur Iris and him trained a lot and that's how he became the Pokémon he is today.

Have the changes and growth with this character been good?

Indeed, they have. Excadrill's character development and changes have been for nothing but the better and we actually get a true essence of how his character has formed since his days as a Drilbur. Excadrill is an example of a Pokémon with a true raison d'être besides just being known as "Iris' Pokémon" he really is a character in his own well deserved right and that development shows it. I predicted for the longest of time that Excadrill would get a fated rematch against Haxorus.

Is this character memorable?

Yes, he is gonna be very memorable. Despite being a Pokémon owned by a member of the supporting cast, Excadrill has made an impact. Personality wise, plot wise, and story wise that I couldn't imagine Iris not having him. It would be very hard to see because he has influenced a bit of things in Iris' character and plot. Yes, he is memorable despite not getting as nearly as much screentime as the last two Pokémon I observed, Snivy and Oshawott.

How they rank?

The Unova Gang Pokémon Overall

Next time:I dunno. A Pokémon. :P

Looking back I wish I had been a bit more various with the picture choices, oh well.

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    Very nice. Finish off Ash's Unova starter trio with Pignite next.
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    Please do Cilan's Stunfisk sometime, we would all be very happy to see that.
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    F*ck Stunfisk, do Emolga next! >:3

    Also, great review!
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    Great observation and I agree on all points. ^^

    Do Pignite next!


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