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That Blog: ¡Inesperadamete, Lanzarote!

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by , 9th August 2012 at 04:11 PM (617 Views)
Indeed, born of an offhand comment I made last week, my father and I have ended up planning a holiday to Lanzarote, almost entirely by accident. And you would not believe how hard it was to get a decent holiday to anywhere in Spain on the right dates and at the right times...but we managed it. So that's where I'll be in my last week of holidays before college starts-- which is on the 6th, so pretty late compared to what I'm used to.

Then again, I don't actually mind. I'm not full of dread at the idea of two years of college in the same way that I was at the prospect of another year of secondary school- a feeling I've been faced with around this time every year since 2008. No. I'm actually looking forward to starting anew. Also my Japanese course. Definitely looking forward to that.

In more recent news, though, and as is the case every year, my birthday this year was a spectacular non-event. I had no plans to do anything, simply because I'm not really the sort to go out 'doing stuff' on my birthday. So out of the blue, my father and I ended up going to Thorpe Park, and trying all of five rides, thanks to the queues. But they were good rides. And then we, plus my mother, went over to Camberley for dinner at Nando's. Nice, but not exactly special. But I don't mind.

In case you care, I got a combined total of £15 from relatives, Wii Play: Motion, bundled with a red Wii-Remote Plus, since we actually needed a new Wii Remote anyway, and a whopping two 3DS games. Thrilling. Sarcasm. Used to it. Fine with it. Sounding more spoilt than I actually am. Enough talking in short sentences, though.

Oh, and here's something that's kind of important: I got a job. And I'm being paid £10 an hour. The other week, I worked up about £160, and I'm guaranteed well over £200 by the end of next week (since I work part-time, and I've wound up doing some of next week's work today and tomorrow so I get the rest of next week off apart from Monday and possible Tuesday). I already spent some of my money so far on a 3DS XL. Don't ask why. I just wanted to treat myself. Stupid sexy red console...

And now for the segment of the blog where I point out random things. Here's something that rocked my world about fifteen minutes ago: Virginie a hairdresser. What a plot twist. And also, I think m'colleague and I have crafted a piece of comedic- if a little puerile- genius in the form of a scene in the current instalment of After The Element Emeralds, wherein Megan realises, to her immense horror, that she has undergone a spontaneous and temporary sex change. Finally, I've taken the liberty of borrowing some official TEE series artwork (supplied by our wonderful series artist, of course; you know who you are, Izzy), and turned them into- well, not exactly motivational pictures, of words to reflect upon, I suppose. So I present: my thoughts on coming out, and some lyrics in Estonian.

All that's left for me to say now is that I kind of ponder why I bother blogging such detail about my life. I don't think anyone actually cares. Perhaps it's just me trying to make conversation, since I like to keep That Blog regularly updated, and I don't always have news.

And that's me done for things to talk about for now. So as ever, I shall sign off abruptly, since I lack anything to add. Thank you, and good night.

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Updated 10th August 2012 at 11:17 AM by That Guy (Puerto del Carmen is in Lanzarote, not Tenerife. Derp.)

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