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That Blog: Hey! Alles Glänzt! So Schön Neu!

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by , 20th July 2012 at 06:04 PM (687 Views)
(Hey! Wenn's dir nicht gefällt, mach neu!)

I could go on, but sadly, most of you won't get that reference at all. Most of you probably don't even speak German. Even fewer of you probably speak the Mühlviertlerisch dialect of it (but, hey, if you do, taunz, Oida! Jetzt kummt de Nudlsuppn Gang!). The bottom line is, everything's pretty damn good right now.

I'm all done moving house, and they switched the internet back on just this afternoon, so I'm back online again. Sure, it's fairly hot in this bedroom of mine and yes, there are still boxes everywhere, but who cares? I'm in Hampshire, my spiritual home! Oh, and I managed to repair my formerly-broken lava-lamp. And I'm looking at it right now and it's doing that awesome gooey-thing that lava-lamps do. Such fun.

I will concede that my parents have been arguing a hell of a lot lately, and both my father and I are getting sick of my mother's attitude wherein she demands all the respect in the world while giving out none, but, since my father has the patience of a saint, we keep quiet in the name of keeping the peace, so apart from being choked by tangible tension, everything's cool at home.

Living in Hampshire means I get yet another new start, and now, more than ever, I'm likely to build up a substantial circle of friends who live somewhere near me, unlike in the last five years where I had to commute 20 miles to get to school by way of two crappy buses each way. But I love being able to talk about that commute in the past tense.

Once we're properly done unpacking, I'm going to get back into my old routine of going swimming once a week, so that should work out pretty well. In fact, I'm working out an entirely new routine for myself, to kind of paint over my old life. Just like in the song...apart from the bit about going shopping naked. That's a bit too extreme for me.

What's also good is I'm back in proper, regular contact with that old friend of mine that I talk so much about. Jack, his name is. We've already, over the phone, made up for the lost time we missed together- and that's seven years of catching up, mind you! So that's good.

tl;dr? Everything's pretty great right now. Life's going great, my stress is down to an all-time low, ATEE is into its fourth episode...I think it's fair to agree with Peter Fox that mein altes Leben schmeckt wie 'n labbriger Toast! And to cap it all off...I shall sign off and acquire, for myself, a cup of tea. And for once, I'm not even dreaming.

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  1. Seizon Senryaku's Avatar
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    I clicked on this because German.

    Your old life tasted like a what toast now? Was bedeutet 'labrig'?
  2. That Guy's Avatar
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    Das war ein Tippfehler. 'Labbrig', auf Englisch, ist 'soggy', oder 'damp'. Mögen Sie diese Wort nicht? Schulden Sie Peter Fox.
  3. Seizon Senryaku's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Ich bin aus Neuseeland, und ich lerne Deutsch seit nur ein Jahr, so ich weiss nicht so viele Woerte :)


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