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  1. 1,000 posts in less than 2 months? Blasphemy!

    Actually, more like 1,150 posts considering that posts in Forum Games don't count toward your post count. But whatever!

    Here's a sad truth - I've never had 1,000 posts on any forum before this one.

    Most I ever had was about 600, I think, on the DATS.us forums. They're a good fansub group.

    I don't believe I actually post in the places that are known as post havens, like the Conversational Thread and the RP forums.

    I mostly post in the BW ...

    Updated 14th July 2010 at 08:43 PM by Zekurom

  2. Wargle!

    You know what I just realized? This.


    A new Pokemon from Black and White. Also, an onomatopoeia word simulating choking in water - kind of like a forced gargle.
    <gnuwtey> (while dernston's drinking water) Hey, did you hear about that new Pokemon called Wargle?
    <dernston> *chokes on water* wargle!

    It's a definition on UrbanDictionary - well, it's about to be, anyway.
  3. Posting this from my DSi

    I just got a DSi about two days ago. And I love playing on it!

    I'll be sure to get a BW friend code when I get the game.

    This message has to be short because it's annoying to type long phrases with a touchscreen keyboard.

    Bye now!
  4. Another Demotivational Poster

    This time, a real one.

    This one was a remnant of some of the penis jokes that were going around about Reshiram. It's also my first attempt at creating such a poster.

    The message is short, sweet, and simple. Also, the word "handle" should be "ignore", to reference the fact that you just can't ignore Gary Oak's girth, but I forgot about it at the time.

    Updated 23rd June 2010 at 11:07 PM by Zekurom

  5. A Demotivational Poster

    Well, not so much the entire poster as an image with a caption on it. I took a screenshot of this a few weeks ago:

    And the caption to go with it?

    Even Google says you can't ignore it.

    You can shoot me now.

    Updated 18th June 2010 at 09:06 PM by Zekurom

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