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  1. Huh.

    So, a whole year later, I'm still on these forums, and I've made more than 5,000 posts.

    Well, it's been slowing down lately, and I'll make no pretensions as to why. I've been going other places, being busy with either schoolwork or navigating other parts of the web for a while now, in search of greener pastures. I'm still pretty active here, but ever since about February, my posts-per-day count has been falling from its high in the mid-twenties to something less than 14 now.
  2. How old is your technological memory?

    For a 17-year-old, mine seems to be pretty far back. I remember running a few pieces of software on 5.25" floppy disks when I had just come to Canada, and I've had computers that had only 8 GB of hard disk space.

    Of course, it's not quite as hardcore as my Grade 7 typing class, where the computers still used Windows 3.1 on those old, clunky 640 x 480 screens. Those were around before I was born.

    And even then, there are some people around here who are older than ...
  3. More new-move suggestions

    Since that old "suggest moves for Gen.5" is out of commission now, best put ideas such as this into the blogs, methinks.

    Here's an idle one I thought about while at a math contest:

    Kamikaze (provisional name)
    Type: Normal/Physical
    Power: 180 PP: 5 Accuracy: 80%
    Effect: If the target faints, whatever damage was not dealt to the target is reflected back on the user as recoil damage.

    Basically, this attack is an anti-overkill ...
  4. More fun with abilities >_<

    Today, I realized that I didn't want a Haxorus with Rivalry, I wanted one with Mold Breaker. So, I decided to catch one, but it turns out that it has a nature that lowers Attack.

    What am I to do? I have two Haxorus (Haxori? Haxorides?) now, both of which have some sort of disadvantage. I'm currently breeding them (using the two I have now; I specifically caught a female one with Mold Breaker), but I don't like to throw away my hard-trained pokies >_<
  5. "There is no O?"

    Meaning, of course, that the word "col*ur" is spelled as such. Get it?

    No, I think this will mostly affect words like "mucus"/"muc*us" and certain swear words such as c*cksucker. And "colour" has two o's - hardly the kind of pun we're looking for.

    Of course, we all know that its name is actually Hydreig*n.
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