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  1. More name changes to come?

    by , 16th November 2010 at 11:53 PM (Ramblings and Puzzles)
    It's a little amazing - on Serebii and PokéCommunity, the other two big fansites that I'm currently a member of, I'm uniformly known as Dragonite Ernston. But on here, the forum on which I'm the most active, I'm known by entirely different names altogether. What gives?

    Does anybody think I should change my name to Dragonite Ernston here as well? Or did you all like Zekurom too much?
  2. Success!

    by , 11th November 2010 at 06:01 PM (Ramblings and Puzzles)
    I managed to completely raise the Dragon Cave egg in my previous blog post.

    It's a cute little critter, but doesn't do much, so somehow, I had the impulse to get a second one:

    : and now I need to feed it, too.
  3. Okay, I'm back.

    by , 6th November 2010 at 05:52 PM (Ramblings and Puzzles)
    And the hiatus was due to me studying for the SAT subject tests. Now that those are over, I can take a little break.

    But besides that, I somehow ended up with this Dragon Cave egg:

    : and it's going to die in three days if I don't give it enough "clicks".

    What do I do? I don't want to post it in my signature, because it'll mess the order up.

    by , 5th November 2010 at 03:42 PM (Ramblings and Puzzles)
    I said I wouldn't do it, but I did.

    BTW, the hiatus isn't over (yet), but I thought I might see your thoughts and pained expressions.
  5. A short hiatus

    by , 29th October 2010 at 11:24 PM (Ramblings and Puzzles)
    ...is what I think I'll be taking for the next week or two.

    I've tired myself out on this forum, and I think taking a short break should do me some good in terms of refreshing myself and pursuing my other hobbies, as well as trying to really concentrate on school work.

    So... ta-ta, I guess?
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