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50 Day Pokemon Challenge

  1. Day 5

    Day 5- A Pokemon That Reminds You Of Your Best Friend

    My best friend is strong and independent. She's ambitious and sometimes a little too easily angered. She never backs down from a challenge, and she hides her true self under a tough, unapproachable look. She seems pretty wild and headstrong at first, but as you get to know her, you see that she's not like that at all. Just like how Charizard is.
  2. Day 4

    Day 4- A Pokemon that makes you frown

    Cubone :( Every time I see one, I feel sad. It's whole story is just really depressing. I couldn't imagine life without my mom, and I feel so sorry for little ol' Cubone. I'm using one in my FireRed game, and it's actually very strong...
  3. Day 3

    Sorry this one's a little late, but I was camping and had no internet.

    Day 3- A Pokemon that makes you smile

    No question about it, it's Bulbasaur. It's so cute and innocent looking, I just wanna pick it up and hug it :D I never chose Bulbasaur as my starter in any Kanto-based games, but I still love this little guy <3
  4. Day 2

    Day 2- Least Favorite Pokemon

    Watchog. Watchog. Watchog! Ew. I honestly don't think that Game Freak could've come up with a pokemon any uglier. It's just gross. I hate Patrat just about the same, and it disgusts me to think that Patrat and Sentret share the same species. I will never, EVER use a Patrat or Watchog, not in a million years. Just looking at it's ugly eyes make me want to punch someone >:\
  5. Day 1

    I've seen this here on Bulbagarden, on Facebook, and on Tumblr, so I decided I'd give it a try. It looks pretty fun.

    Day 1- Favorite Pokemon

    Furret. Furret all the way. I don't really know why this little cutie caught my heart, but it's adorable <3 I remember seeing Sentret in Crystal, but I never caught and evolved one. My sister gave me a Sentret egg while I was playing Ruby, and I instantly fell in love ...

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    50 Day Pokemon Challenge
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