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  1. So, I posted yet another fic.

    I'm not giving up on the other one seeing how the next chapter is almost done, but I wanted to give this new fan fiction a chance too!

    So check it out, here!
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  2. So, I was looking at the Iris blogs.

    And I read the old blog when she was first revealed to be in the games, but not what her role was.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi-san
    There goes the idea of Pokemon making an original character. I wonder if White will appear in the show...
    My response:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tsutarja
    It's not like she's a gym leader, she seems to be pretty unique inside of the games as well.

    Imagine my shock when I learned that she was the 8th gym leader of Isshu. XD

    Updated 15th February 2011 at 05:56 AM by Tsutarja

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  3. Wow.

    I officially have 1000 posts!
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  4. Lolwut?

    I just noticed that we (normal members) can upload avatars with 120 x 120 size! Yay! *parties*
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  5. Bulbagarden PO server!

    It's been up for a couple of days. If you play PO, please visit the BMG server for the sake of activity! We would be grateful! :D
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