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  1. Goodbye Anime Section!

    I will miss you! Well, not really! :D
    Pokémon , The forums
  2. My one-month long absence.

    And by absence I mean "ban". Anyway, for those of you who do care how my month has been, I decided to write this short blog to shortly explain what was happening since the time I was banned.

    1) I worked, a lot. There was no school, yeah, but since we were out of water I had to get some every day and bring it home. It was really tiring and the drought and hotness of the summer didn't really help either. I was kinda annoyed by everything those days as my mood was totally down. ...
    My Life , The forums
  3. I have something to tell you guys.

    I've been lying to you about something for a long time and it's time I came clean with this.

    The forums
  4. Digimon VS Pokémon!

    I read a post saying;

    Digimon > Pokémon - anime
    Pokémon > Digimon - games

    I'm inclined to agree. What do you guys think?
  5. Secret anime spoiler of Best Wishes.

    Something big is going to happen!


    I doubt this is real, but whatever. XD

    Updated 15th August 2011 at 04:26 PM by Tsutarja

    Pokémon , The forums
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