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Everything uninteresting, lame and totally dull goes into this part. Have fun! :-D

  1. So, Pokémon XY anime in October.

    I'm sad, I wish it'd start earlier solely because I'll be starting my second year of college in October and I won't have time to watch these episodes regularly and I'll also miss all the hype and excitement surrounding this anime. :/

    At least I'm getting July, August and September of break (after I'm done with these upcoming finals -.-) so at least I hope I get to watch the final episodes of Best Wishes!

    As for my expectations: I'm actually grateful for BW now. XY cannot ...
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  2. Scholarship. (EDIT: I NEED A NEW USERNAME!)

    Well, around 370+ students and me got our scholarships today. I had to get up early which was a pain in the ass as I was really hoping to get some rest during the weekend I was back home. Though it wasn't all that bad. Like I said, I did get the scholarship and I got to meet some of my older friends and colleagues from high school so that was awesome.

    Now, time to study for the exam I'm having on Tuesday. -.-

    edit: I just remembered I wanted a new username.

    Updated 13th April 2013 at 05:52 AM by Tsutarja

    My Life
  3. What strange weather.

    This entire day has been mildly warm and windy (quite pleasant actually) and now I look outside, it's snowing - A LOT. How strange.

    Well, whatever. Good night!
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  4. Life, OMG OMG OMG OMG GEN 6 + other nonsense

    Well, after a tiring and stressful week of college I've come home for a week of "break" which is not really a break since I have to study for the upcoming exams. -.- And now, here I am, overwhelmed by the amount about news about gen VI.

    I mean, OMG aqsdfghjkl

    First off, the starters:

    - Chespin: Oshawott's cousin?
    - Fennekin: Absolutely amazing and adorable I LOVE IT <3
    - Froakie: I like it, I'm sure I'll grow to love it with time. ...
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    I wish you all happy (late) holidays and a Happy New Year! ^^

    So, do any of you have any New Year's resolutions? I do. I've decided that I will do my best to have a great 2013 and that includes;

    - To stop being such a worrywart. I worry too much, sometimes over the most ridiculous things. It's annoying because I'm aware of that and yet I can't stop it.
    - Put an end to my social anxiety. When it comes to me and my relationship with people, it's okay. In the last ...
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