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My Life

Everything uninteresting, lame and totally dull goes into this part. Have fun! :-D

  1. Following my yesterday's blog...

    by , 20th August 2013 at 02:16 PM (Smugleaf's White Forest)
    I went out with my two friends and as much as I hesitated at first, I'm glad I did. I'm tired, but very content at the same time. Also, it's gotten a lot cooler today and very cloudy, so it seems like we'll be getting rain after all. Yes!
    My Life
  2. So, a short update on my ... life?

    by , 19th August 2013 at 03:41 PM (Smugleaf's White Forest)
    Let's see:

    • this summer went by super fast for me. i mean i literally feel like July was just yesterday and now September is approaching. how the fuck does time pass so fast, i didn't even do anything of great importance???

    • i'm probably going to meet up with two friends of mine tomorrow, this is the second time i'm going out like those popular kids, except this doesn't involve alcohol or smoking. as much as i want to go, at the same time i feel like i don't
    My Life
  3. Dear Muslims ...

    by , 8th August 2013 at 08:48 AM (Smugleaf's White Forest)
    ... of Bulbagarden and beyond. I wish you all a happy Eid! ^^
    Around the World , My Life
  4. Mockingjay.

    by , 1st August 2013 at 03:21 PM (Smugleaf's White Forest)
    Well, I read the first two parts of the trilogy and now I'm reading the third and final part of the Hunger Games trilogy. Fair enough, I wasn't initially fond of the Hunger Games when I initially heard about the love triangle stuff, but I have finally decided to give the books a chance.

    The books are pretty good putting the dumb love triangle aside. Katniss is a strong female character and one of the main reasons I like this trilogy. So, after reading the first book, I went and watched ...
    My Life
  5. Well, I'm leaving for college again.

    by , 4th June 2013 at 09:49 AM (Smugleaf's White Forest)
    I'll be absent for two weeks once more, hopefully less, but when I return, I'm starting my summer break from college so hopefully I can become more active here.

    Now, to get some studying done for the finals. Wish me luck!
    My Life
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