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Events and crazy things going on around the world.

  1. Trolls. :/

    Alright, the story is, someone posted a video of that old and fake Trip's "scan" appearing with Serperior (the video is apparently brand new news that confirms Trip is getting Serperoir). I'm pretty sure we have all already established that the scan isn't real and that the picture has been edited so I proceeded to say 'old and fake' on the comment. As simple as that.

    Next thing I know, there's a guy calling me a bitch, a cocksucker, a troll and, I quote "
    How your probably
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  2. Happy (kinda late) New Year! :D

  3. Biggest lie ever.

    "I have read and agreed to the terms of use."

    Has anyone ever seriously read through the whole thing? x_x
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  4. Before I go to bed ...

    I have a new anime to recommend.


    - Delightful music.
    - Great, not perfect, but enjoyable animation.
    - Amazing characters you can really get attached too; perfect screentime division.
    - Incredibly well-handled time travel storyline. It made sense, it really did.
    - Only 24 episodes. Sadly, but might make it easier for others to watch it.
    - The main lead is voiced by Mamoru Miyano.
    - The VA's are excellent, so lively ...
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  5. Pokémon is EVIL!

    I choose you, Satan. Because a game that teaches people about friendship, courage, adventure and true beliefs in actuality was made by the devil himself. Cheers!

    I still lol'd at this guy.
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