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  1. The Potential List of Sources of Future Baby Pokémon

    I don't think there is much question here. All of the generations that contained past Pokémon pre-E4 contained baby Pokémon. In fact, here's the list of the stats:
    Gen 2 introduced 7 baby Pokémon for pre-existing Pokémon and 1 original baby.
    Gen 3 introduced 2 baby Pokémon for pre-existing Pokémon.
    Gen 4 introduced 7 baby Pokémon for pre-existing Pokémon and 1 original baby.

    With this fantastic results, it is hard to be optimistic. If anything, only place ...

    Updated 18th June 2013 at 02:58 PM by Trainer Yusuf

  2. The Plot Thickens... Not Really, No.

  3. Outsourcing for Dream Radar Information(TPCi contact info needed)

    Hello people, welcome to di- do my bidding.

    As you know, Dream Radar contains three special extensions so far. However, Pokéjungle's NL claimed that he heard there were 7 in total in the first Smash announcement regarding them. To this date, we have not got a follow up regarding that.

    Because of this I ask users who have accounts in the Pokémon Trainer Club, or people who have any contact information to ask this(as offical website doesn't have any and is only forwarding ...
  4. Evolutions for?... Part 2-6: The Filler Post While I Prepare for Something Else.

    The last part. Hopefully.

    “Far away, across the field, tolling on the iron bell”-Late Game Pokémon

    I originally intended go with middle route Pokémon, but some are dangerously close to being early route Pokémon and the list would be too large and full of “Maybe?” These are far less complicated to tackle, as they are intended to be competitively viable over other Pokémon(at least the ones in their region). As most of late game Kanto Pokémon have already handled, ...
  5. Evolutions for?... Part 2-5: Tajiri's Trap?!

    “You're nearly a laugh”-Joke Pokémon

    This is going to be a bit awkward as most of the Pokémon listed here are sidequest Pokémon, however, unlike the likes of Gyarados and Hippowdon, these are meant to be inferior to their counterparts, at least the ones that require trading.

    Psyduck and Golduck

    Psyduck is yet another funny but somewhat useless(competitively, not in-game) ...
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