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    Quote Originally Posted by PalletshippingMaster View Post
    I truly believe Misty will return to the anime. If not in Unova, then for sure in the Pokemon finale (whenever that will be, which will be a very sad day)

    I certainly agree that many characters like Misty, Gary and Jessie need proper backstories. I'd like to see who their parents were and how they grew up as young children. I'd also like to see further character development and see them reach their goals...because I know Misty truthfully doesn't want to be gym leader, I know

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  2. If Gen 5 ends next year, you know what that means...

    ...no, not new Pokemon. It means the next big female protagonist war in Pokemon will start all over again.

    Next gen it'll be Misty Vs. May Vs. Dawn Vs. Iris Vs. 6th gen girl.

    Every time the new female protagonist is revealed the female character debates start all over again. I don't want to be around for the next big female protagonist war. Every new female protagonist is compared directly to their predecessor and the ones before, and then each character gets their ...
  3. Pikmin 3

    It should have been a Wii game. I waited 8 years for this game. I am not spending $350+ to play it anytime soon.

    That is all.
  4. And so the overreaction begins

    It's already started. With rumors of certain old Gym leaders appearing in the new games in some sort of battle facility, people think it will somehow carry over into the anime. Here is why it won't:

    - Blue is said to appear, but in the anime Gary is a researcher and no longer a Gym leader.

    - Brock is said to appear, but in the anime he is a doctor. That being said I wouldn't rule out a Brock cameo for 2-3 episodes or so in late BW.

    - Giovanni is in it, ...
  5. Age gap in pokemon anime fans

    I've noticed there are a lot of younger anime fans coming to the fandom now who are only like 13-14 years old. So I ask myself, how old were these people when the anime first started in 1998? They were born pretty much at the same time the franchise started.

    That means they were only like 6 years old when AG began...as crazy as that sounds. Then when DP started...they were 10.

    Meanwhile those of us who were already 10-12 back in 1998, most of us older fans are now in ...
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