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  1. 666th post

    Well, I just got my 666th post. I did get some bad luck, the server and the internet sucked.

    EDIT: Due to the sucky internet and me constantly refreshing it, this post accidentally posted three times.

    Updated 4th September 2011 at 10:40 PM by Serperiority

  2. Going Camping

    Well, I'm going camping in Lake San Antonio today. I won't be on Bulbagarden until like, Sunday afternoon. Adios!
  3. Rant I (one): Adventure Time

    Well, welcome to my new series of blogs, my rants. I will rant about problems we deal with in entertainment and pop culture.

    With the intro done, here's the rant.

    This rant will be about:

    I absolutely hate this show. I mean, it's so freakin' dumb. Why would so many people watch this show. It's just so random and stupid. Also, the title. How basic.

    Rant over.

    Every rant, I will post a question for you ...
  4. About Me

    1. How old are you? 12
    2. What gender are you? dude
    3. What are you wearing? a shirt, duh
    4. Where are you at this moment? my room
    5. Where were you born? Manila, Philippines
    6. When were you born? April 20, 1999
    7. What is your name? Lysander (Just call me Daryl)
    8. What is your eye color? Blackish brown
    9. What is your current hair color? Black
    10. What is your skin colour? Light Brown
    11. If you have scar, how did you get it? ...
  5. Bandwagon Time!

    Please ask me questions.
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