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  1. Meme 5

    6 things you wish you'd never done

    1. Fighting 2nd to last day in 4th grade.

    2. Stayed quiet when I decided something

    3. Acted on impulse... anytime, really

    4. Trusted that bitch

    5. Listened to the bullshit my parents tell me

    6. Procrastinated
  2. Meme 4

    Seven things that cross you mind a lot.

    1) Books

    2) Food

    3) Games

    4) Vague story ideas

    5) "Am I insane?"

    6) Pondering why I'm pondering what I'm pondering while I'm pondering what I'm pondering and pondering why I can ponder three things at once ponderously.

    7) Creating a massive BS explanation to whatever I'm doing atm.
  3. Meme day three

    From my iPod.

    Eight ways to win your heart:

    1. Be nice

    2. Smile

    3. Help

    4. Take chaces

    5. Do your best to try and understand

    6. Love music

    7. Think

    8. Don't just do what "everyone" else is doing because others are doing.
  4. Memes Day 2

    Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

    1. Sarcasm is my favorite form of communication.

    2. I hate the Spanish language with a burning passion.

    3. I broke my nose on a toilet seat in first grade, and still had to go to school that day.

    4. I am extremely limber and I'm pretty sure I'm doublejointed, being able to extend my elbows past the 180 degree mark and being able to put my legs behind my head.

    5. I often crack my back, ...
  5. 10 Days Meme thing

    I'm bored, okay?

    Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

    1. Dude, she was stalking me- stalking me. That's just #1 on the list of bad-crazy she has. You're dating her why, again? (Best friend)

    2. *holds up cross* Back away! The power of Christ compels you! (That creepy kid that always appears behind you in the hall)

    3. The thing is, you need to listen to ideas that we give you, instead of going 'Oh, ...
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