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  1. Updated new monster images, the process of improving art quality started and new fea

    [url=http://www.monstermmorpg.com]Monster MMORPG V 2.1.8 Update Changelogs[/url]

    * 9 Monster images updated. New images are definitely awesome.

    * Hit F5 or refresh button at the browser if you are still seeing older images.

    * Clock at the right top updated to real time

    * Simple pure CSS [b]battle animation[/b] added to the game

    [b]* %250 Bonus Event Started For The Weekend[/b]

    [url=http://www.monstermmorpg.com/Tadart-Monster-Dex-267][img]http://static.monstermmorpg.com/images/monsters-images-240-240/267-Tadart.png[/img][/url] ...
  2. So in my last blog, I asked a question about a fanfiction I was writing

    Since everyone said I should post it on Fanfiction.net, I went ahead and did it. Then I was going to mention the people who supported it to show that I actually did post it, but one problem... how do you mention people? I never learned how to do it, I've never seen anyone else ask this question, and I've never found anything explaining how to do it. So can someone please tell me how to do the mention thing?
  3. The effect of Gizoogle on a bandwagon blog

    So, for the lulz, I decided to Gizoogle this blog. The results are as follows:

    1 Okay, letz start wit tha basics muthafucka! Name?

    2 Birthdizzle n' age at time of bustin dis survey?
    2/28. I be 16.

    3 Eye colour?

    4 Afro colour?

    5 Describe yo ass up in 8 lyrics or less!
    A straight-up bugged out pervert whoz kinda trustworthy, though.

    6 Do you gotz ...
  4. Changing Smash Attacks and Final Smashes

    Hey guys its FireBlader15 here with some Smash Bros Talk.
    Today I will be doing some attack and final smashes changes for Smash Bros characters so let's get started.

    Toon Link
    Down B charge attack with skull hammer
    Holding B in the air activates the Deku Leaf
    Final Smash changes to Toon Link using the Wind Waker to make a storm.

    Now for Sonic I want to change his final Smash there will be still super sonic but during match at ...
    Smash Bros Talk
  5. Kokoro No Fanfare/Nanairo Achi....

    Being used as insert songs for the final episodes of BW/Iris and Dent specials. That'd be just awesome. I finally listened to Kokoro No Fanfare(I usually skipped over it) and I actually like it a good bit.