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  1. The Twitch Plays Pokemon Stream Made Me Do It

    After staring in a mixture of awe, glee and frustration at the Twitch Plays Pokemon stream, I had an urge to go dig out my old GameBoy. There, still inside, was a copy of Blue. Even with all the other games I have in the Pile of Shame, I wondered if I should attempt a run through Blue. Just to see if I can catch up with the Twitch stream (which shouldn't be hard) and also to just re-experience the game again.

    I'm sitting down until this fit of madness passes.
  2. So I missed a lot over the past few days

    I finally figured out what Twitch plays Pokemon is.

    And people are apparently really sad about ABBBBBBK.
  3. Wonderlocke X, take two

    After failing on first attempt, I am now starting a second run. The only major change in my rules(see my first blog for those rules) is that pokemon can be caught for exp if I the first two pokemon I receive are below the level of the starter pokemon, also all pokemon will be nicknamed Wonderlocke. And here's my trainer data as well
    Name: Super Freak(female again, also I choose Miss Jackson for my nickname)
    Trainer ID: 58614

    Wonderlocke journal entry 1:
    After ...

    Updated 23rd February 2014 at 02:09 PM by Nirreln

    Wonderlocke X/Y
  4. Poke Radar

    OMG i have been poke radaring in platinum for 5 hours straight and still not a single Torkoal
  5. Show recommendations

    Does anyone have any show recommendations for me cause I finished Kamen Rider Fourze an hour ago. That was my first Kamen Rider series that I finished in 3 days.

    Of course I'm looking for shows from the Kamen Rider series and Super Sentai(the Japanese Power Rangers which is way better) or any Japanese show.

    If you have any shows that you want to recommend do it.
    Spiritual Flare