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  1. hello every pokemon friends!!!!!!!!

    I AM an new comer so hope u guys welcome me !!!!!!!

    and my favourite girl is audrey chu
  2. Some guy did a TAS of Desert Bus...AND ''BEAT'' IT!!!!

    If you don't know what a TAS is, it's a Tool-Assisted Speedrun/Tool-Assisted Superplay, where an emulator is used to play through a game, overcoming human limitations and doing crazy things to get through a game. If you don't know what Desert Bus is, it's a game intended to simulate driving from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada; except everything is in real-time (so it takes 8 hours, and you can't pause), the trip there is uneventful with nothing on the road and only a few desert shrubs to the ...
  3. Wild spambot appeared!

    What will Trainer-c do?

    [ Mock ] [Ingore]

    [ Bag ] [ Run ]

    [21:52] allergenicsalmon: Happy International Penis Day! Remember to celebrate your local penis.
    [21:53] Me: But... all I have is a local Vagina
    [21:55] allergenicsalmon: #optout
    [21:55] Me: #optopussy

    After this exchange of (what I assumed was) bold new concepts on human/spambot interaction the bot saw fit to cease responding to me. No doubt, ...
    Slice o' life
  4. 1st post


    This is my first blog post.

    I doubt I'll post regularly.

    I also doubt that anyone besides myself will read whatever posts I do make, but thats okay.

    The reason I decided to make a blog post on BG was becuase my offline identity is fairly secret, and I'm some-what "anonymous".
    Yes, I know that sounds stupid.

    Anyway lets get to it!!

    A few days a go My Dad took my DS and now I can't finish ...
  5. As If Life Couldn't Get Any Stupider....

    Three days ago, Prime came to my workplace bearing bad news-- the Thursday BotCon tour has been filled.

    Did I mention that we hadn't done my preregistration? That I hadn't gotten registered for either tour yet? Upset doesn't even begin to cover it. :bawling:

    I'm registered now and Prime's hoping that there's a waiting list for the Thursday tour. Honestly though, I don't have much hope. But I've already told him that things will be different next year. I will make damn ...