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  1. Regigigas event... and stuff

    by , 14th March 2009 at 08:54 PM
    So I finally went and downloaded my lv 100 Regigigas last night. This is all I have to say about that event:

    Okay, I lied... it could be worse (the Dragonite event, maybe?). I didn't bother to save and reset for a good nature, since it's already at lv 100. So mine is bold... lol. I also didn't download an extra one to my Pearl copy because Shaymin is still waiting to be reset for. And I don't ...
  2. My first Shipping fic

    by , 14th March 2009 at 06:50 PM (Crap about me)
    So it's been a long time since I started writing, but I never focused on one thing, a shipping. Since all of my fics are my own create characters I don't have anyway of doing a shipping. Till now, my new fic will have as many shippings as you can name.

    Basically Ash's last battle, his last chance of becoming the very best, after four years since his victory in the Sinnoh league, his battle with Cynthia has finally come and it's time for him to prepared.

    But more things ...
  3. Vacuum Cleaners VS. The Fastest Thing in the Universe

    by , 14th March 2009 at 06:39 PM (The Live Wire)
    Always be sure to dust out your computer regularly. Because otherwise, you get this.

    Lint. The fastest thing in the universe. Think about it, right after you take your clothes out of the dryer, what's the first thing you find in the pockets?

    LINT! And how does it get there?


    This ...

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  4. SOVA

    by , 14th March 2009 at 06:31 PM (Neko Godot's Maid Cafe)
    I have just learned something horrible. The Japanese voice actors were killed and replaced by robot voice actors that sound exactly the same! How can this injustice continue? Everyone write letters to the Pokemon Company of Japan to revive the old voice actors and blow up the new robot ones!
  5. Playing Pokémon Profe...WTF?

    by , 14th March 2009 at 11:26 AM
    I was playing Pokémon Colosseum a few minutes ago. I had started the game over and I'm up to the Pyrite Building (the one that becomes ONBS Headquarters in Gale of Darkness). Anyway, I'm going through my Shadow Pokémon when I see Quagsire with a reddish tint. I originally thought to myself "Maybe that's just the Shadowy Aura that comes from Hyper Mode." Then I remember I never used Quagsire in battle yet. So why was it red?

    I took it out of the PC and put in the front ...