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  1. How wonderful!

    Well i saw the new pokemon theme today and i am very happy that ash gets a torterra and infernape
    it think this will add a bit of spice to the anime,since ash has never had 2 fully evolved starters in one series.

    the doctor

    I've been trying to get the stupid trainer star for them in Platinum for so many hours that I hate every stupid little pixel of those AI characters. D< Almost every damned time they beat me by the mere fact I'm entrant 4! WE HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF COLOR IN THE BARS, JUST LET ME WIN ALREADY FOR GOD'S SAKE.

    I did manage to get the stupid thing on Pearl though. I honestly blame whatever rhythmically challenged idiot who composed and programmed those new songs in Platinum. Like, whoa, ...
    Pearl (US) , Platinum (US)
  3. Stylus and Worries

    You may say "That's just a stylus!", but it's more than that, is very special AND the proof of the hate my sister has for me...

    It's from a special friend, that I think I would never see again (I don't know yet), I can only talk with her once every two weeks (via MSN). My sister broke the tip of the stylus, to make sure I don't tape it and use it again.
  4. The doctors blog

    This is my first blog....
    wow i didnt expect to get a blog,this gives me twice the fun!
    well ta ta for now,i will blog more soon!

    The Doctor
  5. Blog time! ♥

    Currently I'm... bored. I know I currently should be concentrating on chaining some swarming pokes, but I got a little frustrated with that. The reason why I even started chaining in the first place is because I got myself randomly a shiny Starly while I was training my Shuppet. Then I got more than obsessed with those things and gah, here I am, frustrated. I've read just about every helpful thing about chaining I can find in the internet, so I know what to do, but since I can't seem to get to the ...