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  1. First Attempt at Breeding

    So I'm replaying Emerald and I've just defeated Fann..I mean Flannery.

    So, I'm not really a breeding sort of person, but I'm stuck for a final Pokémon for my proposed final team for the Elite Four.

    The team I'm thinking of would be Swampert (Physical though so no water or ice moves), Breloom, Skarmory, Starmie, Dodrio. I was struggling for a fifth Pokémon. I realised if a stupid jolteon or Zapdos came along and Swampert was dead...I'd be pretty much stuck. So I thought ...
  2. blah blah I rate Mega Evolutions blah

    From best to worst:

    Mega Amphabulous Ampharos 10/10 - Finally Ampharos look like a proper sheep and a sheep brought to us by L'oreal, isn't that great? They really made me like the Pokémon! Plus, it is an Electric/Dragon Pokémon and it looks better than Zekrom. Sorry, Zekrom.

    Mega Mawile 10/10 - It's Mawile. Enough said.

    Mega Blaziken 9/10 - As an appreciator of kickboxing and muay thai, seeing that Blaziken became even more kick-oriented pleases me. ...

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  3. Blog in which I DON'T Rate the Mega Designs.

    ...and instead annoy everyone with a couple of survey questions. Participation means a free Like. (I'm guessing those are important.)

    Asking two questions this time around.

    Favorite Anime Character?
    Favorite Video Game Character?

    ...listing at least one reason for your choice would be appreciated. (The more the better.) But it's optional.
  4. Blog in which _I_ rate the Mega designs

    Because fuck this let's get a bandwagon for no good reason.

    Remember all the jokes about Mew in Green looking like an aborted fetus? Yeah. He grew up, bitch. This was cool enough but now it's just another drop in the ocean.

    Ampharos with hair and a fluffy tail. Dumb. ...
  5. Blog in which I rate the Mega designs!

    What can I say, I like rating things. I am a judgmental person :C

    It looks to be the least "mega-like" of the ones revealed so far. Its design isn't just Mewtwo's with extra flair; merely similar. I know it got flack for many reasons but I like this design.


    Updated 10th August 2013 at 06:42 AM by Gaga