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  1. I'll Post my Grades too!

    but im on my ipod so no Actual Document!
    English II A-
    Math B-
    Chemistry C-
    Chinese III A
    History C+
    Scripture A

    *guitar solo*
  2. Everyone's posting their grades...

    But I can't get mine since my school went green. It's online and it requires a password to access it.
  3. I'm so stupid................... .....

    by , 8th December 2009 at 05:26 PM (♥Leeney's Blog Full of Smiles!♥)
    Today I got my PSAT score back. I knew I didn't do well because they give you so little time for solving each section. There was no essay though. (That'll be for next year).

    My scores:
    Critical Reading- 41
    Mathematics- 50
    Writing Skills- 31

    Not good. If this was the real one I'd never get accepted into a good college.

    Random Fact: I'm going to try and make 19 more blogs before my birthday for my big 100th blog spectacular. ...
  4. So....

    Tomorrow I'm seeing a Psychiatrist
    No really.
    My parents think there's something a little screwy about me, and frankly, I don't disagree. I've been seeing things for a while. Also, one of my teachers thinks I'm displaying symptoms of depression, and my guidance counselor thinks i'm autistic.

  5. Christmas: The Time of Teeth

    Today was my last appointment for my braces. I had them removed today, and as of right now, I have my black/white retainer in my mouth, so I can't talk very well, and I have a styrofoam cup full of saliva right next to me. *spits*
    And it definitely doesn't halp that I'm getting a sore throat now.....

    Anyway, on Friday, this coming Friday, I'm to have my four wisdom teeth removed. (Yay...) So, that should be fun.

    I feel very inadequate