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  1. My Typical Day of School

    by , 21st November 2009 at 12:44 AM
    Hello. Today was conference day, so I feel like sharing thoughts on my normal day in 7th grade.

    Start of Day: 8:30

    Period 1: Yearbook: One of the best classes. No real work. We just play computer games and work on Photoshop and Adobe Video Elements. Worst grade given out in the past few years was a B, according to the teacher.

    Period 2: Pre-Algebra(Honors): My pre-algebra teacher is awesome! He is an awesome ...
  2. Next entry

    by , 21st November 2009 at 12:04 AM
    Well, I beat FR. Obviously, LG isn't going anywhere, so I'll only post the new data.

    FIRE RED: I'm training Magnaton, Rhydon, Kadabra (It'll be a while till it evolves) and Cloyster up while attempting to capture Entei (who knew he could be this hard? Suicune was easy...) Venusaur isn't getting trained because Razor Leaf doesn't kill anyone but Pidgey and Ditto where I'm training, so I'm left with Strength... well, it's at level 54. The rest is at level 55 or 56 so far, and here's ...

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  3. UGGHH. Typical Teenage Rants.

    by , 20th November 2009 at 10:53 PM
    ok, so i asked out this guy that i've been friends with ever since he moved her (last year) over text.

    he didnt reply for AN HOUR. so im freaking out, but then right as i start to bowl (i was bowling with my freinds, my name on the score board was "Ash Ketchum" xD) he texted me, with EXACTLY:

    "ummm...yea sure... sorry for taking so long, my phone turns off periodically"

    so im like, "SHIT."

    and i text him saying ...
  4. Playing games in HD kicks all sorts of ass.

    by , 20th November 2009 at 10:43 PM (The Live Wire)
    That's all there is to say. Finally, I can read the text in some of these games!
  5. Another blog.

    by , 20th November 2009 at 09:55 PM
    You know with everyone upset about Arceus pronounciation when the movie first aired I'm not actually surprised. People were going to be upset no matter what the pronounciation was.

    I looked on multiple forums and quite a number of people were saying how they pronounce it like and think should have been pronounced.

    When you see people saying:
    Ark-ee-us (I'm not sure but this is the one PUSA ended up going with if I remember what i read on the forums. ...

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