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  1. me as I walk into school

  2. Know Your Pokemon History: Tropius

    Tropius were bred by humans to grow bananas, perhaps. Or the bananas were preexisting but humans bred them to produce more and larger bananas. Either way, that resulted in an extremely homogenous Tropius population at some point in the past that was far-reaching across the pokemon world as people harvested their fruit (and potentially slaughtered them for meat, but that's not relevant). Then, Panama disease came (Panama disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), which in real life nearly wiped ...
  3. Hi people :)

    Hi everyone! As I saw in your profile, you are the only of my friend list to have a twitter or a youtube. I would like to follow you all in this websites adn you to follow me back, please :) . In youtube I post vidoes about Pokemon.
    Let's do a follow for follow :))
    What do you think?

    @Adyniz; @*Jirachi*; @Ahnyo; @Faiwy; @Mokoniki; RainbowSylveon ...

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  4. Living with an OCD person (Warning, Venting)

    Since first moving in with my cousin, I found out he was OCD, and people have kept saying "Living with an OCD person is good, that means it's always clean..."

    No.. Just no, if anyone tells you this, do not believe them. Okay I do accept there are people with OCD who doesn't drive you insane, so I hope this post doesn't offend anyone, I am just frustrated at my cousin and annoyed at the people who used that phrase. (My cousin isn't just OCD, he's very neat freak, acts like ...
  5. what the fuck

    Quote Originally Posted by KHagler1979
    All of the JRPG's like Final Fantasy have become stale over the past decade and a half in my opinion. The gameplay really hasn't changed much since the SNES days when I was playing FFIII, the one I enjoyed the most by the way. I know a LOT of people adore this franchise, but when I play it and compare it to titles like Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age, it just falls a little flat.
    All of the JRPG's like Final Fantasy have become stale over the past decade and a half in my opinion.