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  1. I can't see the ground.

    It's covered in white.


    So, school got cancelled due to snow (again), pretty sure work is cancelled as well. Woke up at 8 without an alarm (what?), made the best damn breakfast bagel/sandwhich/thing ever, and now I'm sitting in my room listening to Death Metal and letting the snow outside illuminate my room through the window.

    So yeah, this is pretty much the best morning ever. xD
  2. "Polar Vortex"

    I'm sure some of heard of this term. Thanks to this cold wave, the weather is really wacky right now. In Louisiana, it was sleeting most of the day yesterday. Some areas even got snow from the sound of things. This isn't forgetting how temperatures have dipped below freezing several times.

    Now granted, I'm normally a resident of Oklahoma. So I've seen this kind of weather before. (Routinely in fact.) But... seeing it in Louisiana, having been lead to believe that this pretty much never ...
  3. Job Configuration Overload

    This blog post contains spoilers for Final Fantasy V Advance. You 'ave been warned.

    No, really. Well, I guess if you count the jobs you get as spoilers.

    So, I've obtained the bonus jobs for the Advance version. I currently have Bartz grinding up Gladiator, Faris grinding up Cannoner, and Lenna (eventually) grinding up Oracle.

    This fudges up my plans a little. I was originally going to have Bartz go Dual Wield/Spellblade/Rapid Fire as a Freelancer. Spellblade/Rapid ...
  4. anniverary

    by , 28th January 2014 at 09:18 PM (The Everchanging Forest of the Internet)
    as of january 12th 2014 i have been on this forum for 1 year i would like to thank all staff for warning me on my mistakes. also i would like to thank all the support this entire forum has given me
  5. Where's the episode?

    So, I'm sure you're wondering why "Pokemon: The Song of Jewels" hasn't updated in a while...

    1. I need time to write out the play Brock and Wendy are performing in (as well as Hibiki's commentary from the audience), which will take a few episodes (and give me a nice buffer for a few weeks)
    2. I need some other ideas for what occurs in the audition episode. Giving Wendy a rival is the easiest and most obvious option, as well as easing the jitters, but what else could ...