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  1. Latest trend on BMGf

    Delayed/Late introduction threads. I mean, check out the Grotto. 5-6 of them already.
  2. Unlucky thirteen counterfeit cards

    My scanner's not being nice at the moment, but I'll tell my story.

    At practice for our school's musical the other day, my friend brought his card binder, and asked me to take out the cards that aren't currently Modified-Legal. While doing that, I came across 13 counterfeit cards; 12 EX Power Keepers and 1 DP. They are the following:

    Infernape (5/130)

    [B]EX Power Keepers[/B]

    Cradily (7/108)
    Metagross ex (95/108) ...
  3. HGSS pre-release

    This will be my first pre-release, believe it or not.

    I'm most likely attending the HeartGold and SoulSilver pre-release Sunday, organized by none other than Jimmy Ballard (second place in Worlds 2006, I think; made Eeveelutions popular, runs store in Chicago). Though this will be my first pre-release, I will be bringing a camera to post event pictures on PokéGym, (and here if you want) plus I'll bring my Dialga-Palkia DS Lite for anyone who feels like battling my level 100 Salamence-Dragonite ...
  4. EXPLORE with Pokémon!

    For any of you familiar with the EXPLORE tests that many schools, if not all, take before entering high school, you'd know that there are 25 possible points overall.

    I got 25 out of 25.

    Not only am I excited, but the only section that didn't get full points was in reading; that was 23/25. However, I credit a fair amount of my success to Pokémon; specifically, to Platinum and HeartGold and SoulSilver anticipation.

    Not sure why, though. Truly, this I just ...
  5. So There I was

    making fun of all of you for being fat, when i decided a couple things.

    Insomniac = lamer version of Deezenuts. to the T.

    $aturnYoshi is not a mother. he just acts like it

    1337R34P3R, more like leafraper

    Beav123, moar like Beaver

    Blazevoir is like Finch, if finch found the internet and had a Wii

    Deezenuts is an awesomer version of insomniac

    where the hell did diryn go?!?

    Eliana ...