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  1. GPX+ just got AWESOME

    I joined in there.

    I guess there are a ton of other people on BMGf that waste their time by clicking other pokemon, and I am not exception.

    Also, Dragonadopters.
  2. who is your fave ssbb character

    i want to noe who ur fave character is
  3. Is it sad I wanted to slap a computer?

    I'm doing this thing called novaNET. I'm retaking a course. Well, typed a answer in and it sad it was not the right answer. I typed in 6x-9. i clicked the answer button and it said 6x-9. I wanted to hit or slap the computer so bad.
  4. Snow Days and Pokémon

    It had been pouring snow all morning long. I live in Canton, Georgia so snow is a miracle around here. And by about 9:55 I ended up telling our principal we need to go home because we don't want it getting worse and kids being stuck. And well after that in my middle schools brunch period all the teachers made us sit down. And they said school is out for today. Now get ready to go! Once I got home, I opened up my platinum checked the GTS and I had a Lv. 1 Starly offered up for a Lv. 100 Palkia. Someone ...
  5. HiPS' favorite bands.

    by , 2nd March 2010 at 08:38 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    Yep, another random countdown from me, HiPS.

    So here goes. Favorite Bands from Best to Worst (rappers don't count as bands, that will be a later list)

    1. RHCP (the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    2. The Rolling Stones
    3. Led Zepp.
    4. ACDC
    5. Guns n Roses
    6. Pink Floyd
    7. Aerosmith
    8. Jonny Mushroom and the Kingdoms (If you know who they are, you win a cookie. And my eternal respect)