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  1. Got up at 6am this morning...

    ...which isn't new in the slightest, but for once, I've a reason for it instead of because my body thinks its time to WAKE THE HELL UP even though I literally do not need to get up. Ever.

    I'm taking a Civil Service clerical exam. Yay, me! *interpret as you will*

    Showered the night before, so no worries there. Leave the house by 6:38 (I round because I wanted to leave at 6:35, and that's when I got off the computer with no shoes on). FORGET MY POKéWALKER. Half way down ...
  2. Coming Soon: A Blog About My Vacation With Bulbapeople!

    So, some may know, others may not know, but I am currently taking a vacation.

    I had two purposes for this vacation. One was getting a chance to see our forum admin and bulbachat admin (not to mention my very good friend) Misty and watch him graduate. After this weekend, he's moving back to Arizona and won't be in the same state as me for an extended period of time for a while.

    Two was getting to see our bulbachat staff member and good friend Square-kun as he had recently ...
  3. Season Zero Episode 13

    Lawnmowergirl’s “Yu-Gi-Oh! Subbed Anime Marathon Project of Doom!”
    Episode Review: “Season Zero” (Toei), Episode 13
    Series/Season: “Season Zero” (Toei)
    Episode Number: 13
    Thoughts: Ooh, lookie. It’s whatshisface…Kokurano, the “psychic” who was in the first volume of the manga but hasn’t appeared in this until episode 13. They’ve done things a bit out of order, ne? And the game is different from what it was in the manga…

    Quite a few of my friends started to do Nuzlocke runs of some pokémon games recently. Around midnight on thursday a friend posted a link to their written out first chapter of his Nuzlocke run in Ruby. I read it cause I was curious, and within 10 minutes I decided I was bored enough to illustrate it for him. In doing the comic, I really wanted to do my own, even if it meant going nearly crazy by doing a Nuzlocke run. I had been thinking about doing one for a while, but drawing the comic was definitely ...
  5. Man, WWE is so stupid at times

    The Wrestling Observer is reporting that people "who know better in WWE creative" knew not to comment on the illogical nature of last week's NXT episode and how it played out on Raw the following week. Last week's NXT episode promised that the rookie who won the show's challenge would face a pro on Raw, but it turned out that two NXT rookie's who did not win the competition actually received higher profile matches than the winner did. This was seen by most backstage as very odd, but creative