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  1. The Real Question on Gen V...

    Someone had to ask.

    (Black or White, Michael Jackson)

    Also, Flashpoint registration has been open for a few days. Sign up!

    Updated 1st June 2010 at 11:10 PM by evkl

  2. Clash of the Titans

    Yeah, I watched the remake at the cinema today. It was ok, but it didn't use 3D very well. What's the point of having a '3D' movie if you don't make it 3D?
  3. Not allways right story

    (One of my regulars comes to my cash with her small child. The mother is very much pregnant.)

    Me: “Oh hello, [mother] and [daughter], how are you today?”

    Customer: “We’re great!” *turns to daughter* “Tell [me] what Mommy is going to have in September!”

    Customer’s daughter: “A baby!”

    Me: “Really? What do you hope it’ll be?”

    Customer’s Daughter: “A puppy!”
  4. Oh My God, Gamefreak.

    How could you have names like WHITE and BLACK?! Didn't you realise what names like that would imply? NOW YOU'LL HAVE TO SELL COFFEE WITH EVERY GAME! One with milk, one without. D:
  5. Huh. Something must've blown up at a network somewhere

    So I was watching TV a moment ago. King of the Hill, on Teletoon. I had the commercials on mute, and I was looking at something on my PSP. I look back at the TV, and find the picture frozen. I unmute it and am greeted with a broken record noise. I change to a few more channels. YTV and Family both frozen. Others didn't seem to be affected - including Teletoon Retro, Teletoon East, and Family East.

    W Network was also affected - only reason why I bothered to check it is because I've ...